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Home Gossip Is Actor Nicholas Pinnock Dating a Girlfriend? His Current Relationship Status & Marriage Plans

Is Actor Nicholas Pinnock Dating a Girlfriend? His Current Relationship Status & Marriage Plans

Chandra Rana Sun Nov, 2018
Is Actor Nicholas Pinnock Dating a Girlfriend? His Current Relationship Status & Marriage Plans

Nicholas Pinnock, known for his role as Frank Sutter in the Sky Atlanticpsychological thriller Fortitude, alongside Richard Dormer, is an English actorCurrently, 45-year-old Pinnock appears in TV series Marcella as Jason Backland, the husband of London detective Marcella.

Well known for his on-screen romance, the English actor, back in 2013, stated himself as unmarried. However, there are a lot of rumors about Pinnock relationship status that is in contrast to his claim. Well, let's find out if he is dating currently? Know more about his relationship, affairs, and dating rumors.

Nicholas Pinnock Dating A Girlfriend? Plans for Marriage?

Along with his growing prominence in acting, Pinnock has attracted media attention significantly. Professional since 1985, Nicholas has never been rumored dating.

Surfing through his Instagram, the Counterpart (2017) actor is seen enjoying himself and shares his modeling photos rather than datings and affair related posts.

It's not that the English actor has not talked about marriage. Back in June 2013, in a Tweet, Nicholas revealed that he was not married and even hinted that he dated his girlfriend in the past which read "Been single for almost 2 years."

Take a look.

CAPTION: Nicholas Pinnock Tweets his relationship status SOURCE: Twitter

And even now, Pinnock is not reported to be dating or married and seems his plans for marriage are future talk.

But, we do have witnessed many celebrities revealing their secret marriage after many years of their relationship, so maybe he is married secretly.

However, without a strong proof on his relationship status, it is safe to call him single. Let's wait and see what the future will come up with.

Nicholas Pinnock's Relationship Rumor With Tamzin Outhwaite

Back in December 2013, Pinnock made headlines for his relationship after he was seen cozy with British actress Tamzin Outhwaite.

Tamzin, who split with her husband Tom Ellis after a cheating allegation, went on a night out with a group of friends including Pinnock. The night out sparked up the dating rumors of Tamzin and Pinnock as they were spotted hugging which was followed by an arm-in-arm walk.

CAPTION: Tamzin Outhwaite hugging Nicholas Pinnock in a group night out SOURCE: Daily Mail

However, the rumors were short-lived after Tamzin made a Tweet where she introduced Pinnock as her good friend.

The Tweet read "Life is good! LSC reunion with great friends. Nicholas Pinnock, Laurie Brett, Johnny Amobi Xxxxx."

Yeah, not all the hugs & night outs are for couples. The friends and those close moment with friends were to support Tamzin from the trauma of her split with her (former) husband.

Pinnock Is A On-Screen Husband

Since the detective series Marcella aired on ITV on April 4, 2016, Nicholas Pinnock, as Jason Backland, is the main cast in the show. He plays the role of a husband of Marcella, played by Anna Friel

The first season of the show that ended on May 17, 2016, shows the return of Marcella, a London detective who returns to work to investigate an open case from 11 years ago, involving an unidentified serial killer who appears to have become active again and her devasted married life.

CAPTION: Nicholas Pinnock and his on-screen wife Anna SOURCE: MovieStillsDB

After they split, the on-screen couple shares custody of their children in the series.

The second season which aired from February 19, 2018, to April 9, shows the extra-marital relationships of Jason, a prequel of his affair during his married relationship with his wife and before they divorced.

However, the Pinnock's real-life relationship detail is yet to be out. Stay tuned for updates!