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Home Gossip Actor Ed Asner married and divorce both Nancy Sykes and Cindy Gilmore

Actor Ed Asner married and divorce both Nancy Sykes and Cindy Gilmore

Jharna Prasai Wed Dec, 2016
Actor Ed Asner married and divorce both Nancy Sykes and Cindy Gilmore

 Yitzhak Edward Asner known as Ed Asner is the American actor and voice actor who is famous for his acting in The Mary Tyler Moore Show as Lou Grant. He was born on November 15, 1929, in Kansas City, Missouri, US. He is also the former president of Screen Actors Guild. He is famous for his amazing roles in different comedy movies and drama.

 Ed has always been open about his relationships. He has been married twice. His first wife is Nancy Sykes; together they gave birth to three children. He also had affair with Carol Jean Vogelman and gave birth to a son. After getting divorced with Nancy, Ed got married to Cindy Gilmore who is the producer and actor. Ed even could not stay together with Cindy for a long time. In 2007 Ed and Cindy finally got separated.

Ed Asner and Nancy Sykes-

 Ed’s first wife Nancy used to work as an opera artist. They fell in love after they met each other. After dating for few months they finally decided to settle down. In 1959 Ed and Nancy got married and have three children together. They are two twins Matthew and Liza and a daughter named Kate. After few conflicts between Ed and Nancy they divorced in 1998.

Ed Asner’s living relationship with Carol-

 When Ed was with Nancy, he cheated Nancy with Carol Jean Vogelman. It is believed that Carol was the reason behind Ed’s divorce with his first spouse. In the year 1987, Carol and Ed started dating each other. They also gave birth to a son named Charles who is the victim of autism. Their relationship also did not last long. They got apart in a year.


Ed Asner with Carol Jean Vogelman


Ed and Cindy Gilmore-

  Cindy Gilmore is the actor who started dating with Ed after his break up with Carol. They got engaged in 1991 but they got married after 7 years of successful relationship. Finally, Asner got married to Cindy on August 2, 1998.

In the year 2007, Ed and Cindy decided to get apart. It is believed that it was the decision of Cindy to get separated. So, she filed for divorce on November 7, 2007. Ed wanted to cut off the financial support to Cindy. Ed claimed that she was not making any effort to self-supporting. In 2009, they reached in financial settlement

Ed with his former wife Cindy Gilmore.


Ed filed for divorce to Cindy-        

      After eight years of separation with Cindy, Ed finally filed for divorced in 2015. It's really surprising for fans that 85 years old Ed filed for divorce after 8 years of separation. Asner has not clarified about this decision.