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Home Gossip Actor Dean Norris has Performed in Breaking Bad and Total Recall: What is his Net Worth?

Actor Dean Norris has Performed in Breaking Bad and Total Recall: What is his Net Worth?

Ayush Rayamajhi Thu Mar, 2018
Actor Dean Norris has Performed in Breaking Bad and Total Recall: What is his Net Worth?

Dean Norris, the star of Breaking Bad who is currently starring in the TNT's series Claws, has an estimated net worth of over $6 million. He has won a Screen Actors Guild award for his role as Hank Schrader in the series Breaking Bad. He earned over $700K only from its final season.

Norris portrays the character of Uncle Daddy in the 2017 series Claws. The drama series aired its first season on TNT last July and the second season is set to release this year. Norris has a salary of approx $150K per episode for his role in the series.



Norris, 54, has appeared in more than 60 films from 1985 to present as he appeared in the second installment of the Terminator film series in 1991 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. His best known big screen roles include Lethal Weapon 2, Hard to Kill, The Cell and the 2015 movie Sons of Liberty.

Dean Norris: Net Worth, Salary, and Career

Norris nailed the role in the Vince Gilligan's Breaking Bad as a DEA agent and his recognition also grew after his appearance in the series since its first season in 2008. Even at the beginning of the series, he was charging over $110K per episode.

By the end of the crime drama, Dean had earned over $1.5 million from the last two seasons. Lead actor Bryan Cranston's salary just for the last season was over $1.9 million, while Aron Paul earned around $1.3 million for the same.

Dean Norris in Breaking Bad

Dean Norris in Breaking Bad

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Norris also starred inTotal Recall as Tony in 1990. It was his first film with Arnold Schwarzenegger. he also appeared alongside Steve Carell in Evan Almighty in 2007. Besides, he also appeared on the 2015 mini-series Sons of Liberty

Norris is also known for his roles in the sci-fi mystery drama Under the Dome which premiered on CBS in 2013 and ended in 2015. He used to take home around $100K per episode for his the role in the series and his net worth was estimated to be around $4 million that year.

Dean Norris Young

 Young Dean Norris 

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Furthermore, Dean has been the cast of ABC's Scandal since 2017 and also appeared in the 2017 film Get Shorty alongside Chris O'Dowd

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Dean Norris' House, Favorite Watch Brand

The house from the series Breaking Bad where the character Walter White lives with his wife and children originally belongs to Dean Norris.

Dean currently lives in Southern California with his wife Bridget and their five children in the house that is situated in Temecula. Norris paid around $1.2 million for the house. It features 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Dean has also established the Norris Performing Arts Center in Temecula.

Apart from all this, Norris's favorite watch brand is Tag Heuer. Although he has not endorsed it, Dean often wears a Tissot 1853 watch in Breaking Bad. The watch comes with the price tag of $149. 

Video: Dean Norris on CONAN on playing Hank on Breaking Bad

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