Actor Bradley Welsh's Murder; a Work of Glaswegian Gangsters

Updated On 19 Apr, 2019 Published On

Trainspotting Actor Bradley Welsh’s death was ordered by Glaswegian gangsters, his family fears.

Bradley Welsh, 48, was shot in the back of his head with a shotgun outside his £500,000 flat in Edinburgh, West End.

His murder sent tremors through the gang scene as the actor had many associates.

A source from the family said,

It has to have been a Glasgow mob.

The neighbor turned after hearing a gunshot and saw the actor falling down steps to his basement flat as a man fled away.

He rushed to tend Welsh but he was already dead.

Sources reported that the crime was a professional one and that the police were looking further into the matter.

Bradley Welsh was shot once in the back of his skull outside his £500,000 pad in Edinburgh’s West End while his partner Emma and daughter Eva, were inside.

Detective Allan Burton said,

All of Mr. Welsh’s past will be looked at — his association, his friendships, his business contacts, and people through his gym.

He further added,

We’ll find out who is responsible and we will bring them to justice.

We have a witness who spoke to Brad in the street when he arrived home and he heard one bang.

He looked round and saw Mr Welsh falling down the steps and the man running in the direction of Walker Street. The neighbour wasn’t paying attention to what was going until he heard the bang.

Bradley Welsh was 48 when he died on April 17, 2019.