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Home Gossip ABC's News Reporter Cheryl Scott's Career Riding High, Net worth And Salary No more Question mark

ABC's News Reporter Cheryl Scott's Career Riding High, Net worth And Salary No more Question mark

Mahammad Arsad shekh Wed Feb, 2017
ABC's News Reporter Cheryl Scott's Career Riding High, Net worth And Salary No more Question mark

Cheryl Scott is a beautiful Meteorologist with glistening charm and magnetic aura who stands out from the heard of mediocrity. The women with fame, fortune, and money, Scott has already established herself as a famous face on American television in the field of broadcasting. She in recent days is reported to earn a lot of money as salary and has a high net worth of around $ 1 million in recent days.

With her captivating talent, hard work and skills towards her career, Cheryl Scott has been able to buy herself a lavish lifestyle and a lot of money.

Well, we're sure, you must be really curious to know about her career, bank balance as well as the net worth and source of income. If yes, then don't worry, on today's column we are exploring all the wealth gems of Cheryl Scott. Just stay with us.

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Cheryl Scott's Meteorology Career

Beauty with brains, Cheryl Scott stood as an extraordinary student even during her childhood. Cheryl Scott eventually marked herself an important place in the field of broadcasting as a meteorologist.

Firstly, Cheryl Scott completed her graduation with the Bachelor’s Degree by majoring in Geological Science from the Brown University. She has also got a certificate in Meteorology from Mississippi State’s Distance Learning.

Cheryl Scott in Mississippi State's college

Cheryl Scott in Northwest Mississippi community college

Source: olemiss

After her graduation, In 2006, Scott first began her broadcasting career interning for WCAU-NBC10 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After her great performance in WCAU-NBC10, Scott got an opportunity to learn from the Earthwatch Team about the fundamentals of forecasting.

Scott was also officially seen in a popular CBS-affiliated television station WSEE-TV in Erie, Pennsylvania since 2007.  At the same time, Scott was also serving as a 24-hour weather reporter for a Caribbean Weather Channel.

The Meterologist Cheryl Scott

The Meteorologist Cheryl Scott

Source: Hubmesh

Then Scott continued her work as a weekend meteorologist for NBC affiliate in Tennessee. There, she covered some major incidents like damages caused by tornados, tsunami, earthquakes and so on going in the place of incident.

After it subsided, Cheryl has helped Red Cross and assisted people in need and also provided vital safety information to the people.

Moreover, while servicing at WSEE-TV in between December 2008 and 2009, Scott has covered 145.8 inches snow which is recorded as the second highest in the history of the winter season.



After working for about 7 years with the WSEE-TV, the meteorologist Cheryl Scott then joined the ABC7 Chicago on 15 December 2014.

All of the people over there used to appreciate her work and they used to call her a knowledgeable, experienced and informative young woman. Furthermore, you might not know that Scott is also the Board of Directors of the American Red Cross.

Here you can see that what she says about herself and her personal experiences.

Video: Please Meet: Cheryl Scott (Chicago Meteorologist)

Salary, Net Worth and Source of income of Cheryl Scott

Talent and hard work will always pay you a lot in terms of money. Moreover, if you are talented enough to be the face of television, you are going to be paid a lot more. So far Cheryl Scott as a talented and likable meteorologist falls in the same league of earners who add dollars to their account every passing day.

Wealthy Cheryl Scott

Wealthy Cheryl Scott

Source: Hubmesh

Over the past few years, Hot and single Meteorologist Scott has considerably added a lot of money in her account with her increased demand and likability as a meteorologist in several news channels.

Cheryl Scott earns an estimated salary of $140,000, which adds up to her recent net worth of $1 million U.S. dollars. Moreover, as a top rated weather reporter, Cheryl Scott’s annual salary is estimated to be over $136,120.

Cheryl Scott with high net worth

Cheryl Scott with high net worth

Source: Hubmesh

If we talk about the source of income of Scott, currently her career as a meteorologist for the ABC7 plays a significant role in her total income. Well, In short, we can say, her career in meteorology and her endorsement and appearances on television has been the major part of her source of income.

With her outstanding presentation skills with a special force and interest in weather related information, the blond beauty Cheryl Scott has been able to earn millions of fans who always want her to succeed in whatever she does.