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Home Gossip ABC News Anchor Cecilia Vega married PHP Officer.How is their married life?

ABC News Anchor Cecilia Vega married PHP Officer.How is their married life?

abhilasha Sun Nov, 2016
ABC News Anchor Cecilia Vega married  PHP Officer.How is their married life?

Cecilla Vega the ABC journalist married the California Highway Patrol Officer (CHP) Ricardo Jimenez. Cecilla seems to be very much happy with her husband Ricardo and proud too. This couple married a few years back and now they are very much happy being with each other. Since the day this couple exchanged their vow they have being sharing strong bonding and making their life happy every day having a great relationship. 

Cecilia Vega has been with ABC News since 2011 she worked as a correspondent when she started. After tons of popular works she did for this channel, she was promoted to news anchor later. On 2 March she was named anchor of ABC News' World News Tonight Saturday.

Cecilia Vega

ABC News Anchor Cecilia Vega's husband Ricardo Jimenez

Cecilia Vega and husband Ricardo Jimenez married on 17 August 2008. Cecilia seems to be very much proud to have such a brave husband like Ricardo Jimenez. Husband Ricardo is a California Highway Patrol officer. Till now he has been honored with numerous awards for the bravery he has shown in his work. Ricardo Jimenez got the prestigious Meritorious Achievement Award in the year 2015 as he saved a life of an intoxicated man who was about to fall from the edge of the bridge.



Seven years ago today. ????

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Ricardo Jimenez has always kept his promise of protecting the nation and the citizen so that the reason Cecilia has such a pride of being his one and only.  We ain't just saying Cecilia has herself posted pictures of her husband saying that he is one of the best men and she will always be proud of being his.

Ricardo Jimenez is a graduate of Loyola University and was the member of the Latin American Student Organization and helped a lot to open the doors of Latin engineers and other high-tech professors.

Cecilia Vega's husband Ricardo Jimenez

Talking about this couple child it seems like they haven’t planned for it yet. There is no any information about this married pair having a baby. But don’t take it the either way there is not even any plans for separation too. Looking at the post of Cecilia Vega unfolding the bravery of her husband and having the sense of delight being with him shows the actual happiness of this couple.

Little more about Cecilia Vega

Cecilia Vega

Cecilia Vega is an award-winning journalist who has been active in the field of journalism for a long time. She first started as a reporter for the ABC network affiliated station KGO in San Francisco. Being in KGO-TV she covered different types of news stories from a different perspective for which she was awarded an Emmy in the year 2010 for an exclusive interview with someone who witnessed an attack on a student at her high school homecoming dance.

Later in 2011she left KGO-TV to be the correspondent for ABC News in Los Angeles. While her first few years in ABC she got to travel Japan, London and Rome to cover the Fukushima power plant, selection of a new Pope and the Olympics. Cecilia is also known for her numerous interviews she did with many high profiled people. On 2 March 2015, she finally became the anchor of ABC News' World News Tonight Saturday.