Aaron Hall's Relationship With Gloria Velez Was A Mess, What About Their Children, Details

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Born in The Bronx, New York City, Aaron Hall is an American singer, songwriter, and the member of the band Guy. He has released 3 albums 14 singles. All of his work is well perceived by the audience. Many of them have been chart-topping and have influenced many upcoming artists. He is a major part of American R&B music.

Professional accomplishments aside, most of his personal life seems under the cover to most people. Allow us to remove them and reveal the truth.

Has Aaron Hall Been In A Romantic Relationship? 

While his solo career was being initiated in the 1990s, a lot of speedbumps awaited him in his personal life. In 1994, his son named Aaron passed away. Soon after that, he got into a relationship with model and dancer Gloria Velez.

Very soon, at the age of 17, she gave birth to his first child. The couple went through a terrible breakup after 2 years of dating which was public with a capital P. 

Gloria Velez Aaron Hall

Aaron Hall's Ex: Gloria Velez
Source: Married and Divorce

Velez has stated that Aaron was not a good enough father and that he had never financially contributed to raising their son.

She also accused him of physical abuse. Aaron has denied all of these allegations and claimed that Gloria has rejected his attempts to contact her to arrange for child support.

Hall's Personal Life

From his Instagram, one thing is certain. Aaron likes cats and dogs. He owns a French bulldog and seems to adore him. He is also interested in Lamborghinis. After his band had broken up, he constantly reminisced about his golden days in the band. Fortunately, the band reunited.


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Said to be a cool and calm guy, Aaron is often seen at the studio recording and spending time with his friends.

The Aaron Hall Discography: A History of His Work

Aside from his work in the band Guy, he has released three albums: The Truth, Inside of You, and Adults Only. He has released many singles.

He has recorded the song Gonna Give It To Ya with Jewel as a soundtrack to the movie Above The Rim, starring Tupac Shakur and Duane Martin. He recorded the song Heaven's Girl with R Kelly, Ronald Isley, and Charley Winson.

Aaron Hall Inside of You

Aaron Hall's Inside of You
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Among his fourteen singles, Bye Baby, Soon as I Get Home and Don't Be Afraid are pretty popular. Aaron still goes on tours with his band giving us a hint that he might still come up with hits songs in the future.

Aaron Hall

A Young and Handsome Aaron Hall

Hall has managed to keep his life steady despite all the ups and downs he has gone through which is praiseworthy.