Aaron Carter Reveals He Still Smokes Weed After Rehab: ‘I’m a Hyperactive Guy’

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Singer Aaron Carter exclusively revealed to Us Weekly that he is still smoking weed despite he spent time in rehab earlier this year.

29-year-old Aaron told about having an “ah ha” moment during treatment.

I was looking at a tree, and I was like, ‘Oh man, you know what? I really feel like I’m not going to be triggered to do anything stupid, or anything bad,

Aaron Carter Reveals He Still Smokes Weed After Rehab: ‘I’m a Hyperactive Guy’

Aaron Carter Reveals He Still Smokes Weed After Rehab: ‘I’m a Hyperactive Guy’

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He further added:

I mean, even after the treatment center I smoke weed. I smoke weed, I’ll tell you right now, doesn’t matter to me. I told the people there, but beside that, there’s other things that I have to do. I have to stay in a regimen of certain medications to keep me chill, because I’m a hyperactive guy.

As previously reported, the I Want Candy singer checked into rehab in late September as he was arrested for driving under the influence and possession of marijuana that summer.

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Aaron also spoke about going through a detox after he arrived at the wellness center.

The former child star explained:

I was detoxing from basically weed, stuff like that, Xanax and stuff like that. They were detoxing me, but there was also a psychiatrist, and a therapist that I worked with almost daily, and they’re the ones who put me on the kind of medications that I need to be on. I’ll say here right in front of all y’all, I’m not ashamed of it. I have issues. I have post traumatic stress disorder. I never wanted my parents to divorce. I never wanted my dad to die. I never wanted my sister to die at 27. It’s really hard because after my parents divorced I was like, man … Everything just spiraled out of control, but all I kept doing was focusing on the music. That’s all I did. That’s all I had. Like even when they were going through their stuff, I was just focusing on music.

Since he completed his stint in rehab, Aaron has giving continuity to his music career. On his 30th birthday earlier this month, Aaron released his new single Don’t Say Goodbye.

On December 8, Aaron shared a tweet captioning:

Had a great time last night celebrating my 30th birthday and the release of my new single, ‘Don’t Say Goodbye,