A Woman Arrested for Marrying '17-year-old' Boy in Mumbai, India

Updated On 02 Dec, 2018 Published On

An Indian woman of age 20 was arrested by the Mumbai police for marrying a 17-year-old boy. The woman and the married couple's daughter, who is just five months old, have been in jail for the past fortnight.

The teenager's mother lodged a police complaint after which she was taken into the custody. She has been charged with the stringent child sex abuse act.

According to the woman, her relationship with her husband is consensual; she also contests the claim that he is underage.

The woman says her husband has two sisters of age 20 and 18 so it is not possible for him to be only 17.

According to Indian media reports, the woman has filed a bail petition in which she claims her husband has already 18 and their relationship is consensual.

The age of consent for sex for all genders is 18 in India, but the legal age for marriage for women is 18 years while for men is 21 years.

Thus, police have also charged the teenager's wife under the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act.

BBC reporter Geeta Pandey from Delhi says a woman getting arrested for marrying an underage man is a rare case in India.

However, there are many cases where young men in consensual relationships have been taken to the custody after police get complaints from the girls' - who are less than 18 years of age - parents.