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Home Gossip A Successful American artistic gymnast, Simone Biles's Net worth, Know about her Career and Awards

A Successful American artistic gymnast, Simone Biles's Net worth, Know about her Career and Awards

Ashmita Karki Fri Jul, 2017
A Successful American artistic gymnast, Simone Biles's Net worth,  Know about her Career and Awards

Despite being so young, Simone Biles is very popular due to her amazing Olympic turn. Her breakout performance at the Rio Olympics won the heart of million people. Being a girl with such an exceptional skills, it's rare to stay hidden, isn't it? Well, Biles' works and performances are not a hidden factor, but not many know about her net worth.

The champ's net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million. She has accumulated such huge amount from the cash prizes, Olympic medals, and game wins. Let's find out in details about her career and awards: 

Simone Biles progressive net worth

When Biles wasn't as famous as today in 2013, she had a net worth of $60,000. By 2015, it whipped to $300,000 because of her game wins in every competition she took part in.

Simone Biles in her childhood

Simone Biles in her childhood

Source: NBC olympics

She earned $2 million in 2016 from various endorsement deals and cash prizes of course. As the winners of Olympic medals also receive cash prizes, her net worth rose to $2.5 million

Simone Biles career as a gymnast

Biles was into gymnastic at an early age of 6. When she was 8, she was guided by coach Aimee Boorman. After successfully graduating in 2015, Biles decided to become a professional gymnast. 

Simone Biles

Simone Biles

Source: US weekly

She competed as a level eight gymnast in 2007. She became one of the best competitors at the junior elite level in 2011. She won the top position in the balance and vault competitions and won the third position as the all-rounder in the American Classic in 2011.

Simone Biles

Simone Biles

Source: ET online

In 2012, she became the champion of the all-around events, the vaults at the Alamo Classic, the American Classic, the Secret U.S Classic as well as the Houston National Invitational. Similarly, she secured the world and U.S titles in the all-around competition in 2014. She won the gold medal at the Secret U.S Classic as an expert of the vault, balance beam and floor exercise in the same year.

Must Watch video of world's best gymnast Simone Biles:

She won the world all-around title for the third time in 2015 and broke all of her former records. After that, she resumed her training for the RIO 2016 World Champions Centre. She won the floor exercise and vault as well as the all-around title. She made her team win the gold medal in 2016 Rio Olympics. 

Simone Biles awards and achievements

Among Biles has a long list of awards and achievements, her most recent ones are the BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year 2016, Glamour  Award for The Record Breaker 2016, Best Female Athlete ESPY Award 2017, Laureus World Sports Award for Sportswoman of the Year 2017.

Simone Biles with her medals

Simone Biles with her medals

Source: NBC olympics

She also won Best Female U.S. Olympic Athlete ESPY Award and Shorty Award for Best in Sports in 2017.

Simone Biles house and car

She lives with in her family house in Spring, Texas. She drives a super sexy Cadillac. Her personal life is pretty posh a whose hint can be found on her Instagram which is filled with his exotic vacation and getaway photos. 


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Biles has worked really hard to reach up to where she is today and we believe that she deserves every single dime for all of her passion and hard work. We wish her more success in coming years.