A petition says ,'Big Brother' Should be Banned for its Explicit Contents'

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A petition has been filed to ban the telecast of one of the highly rated Television shows, Big Brother.

The petition claims the show to visualize scenes of unacceptable violence, sexual exploitation and is thus unsuitable for television viewers.

Big Brother contestants in a fightImage: Big Brother contestants in a fight

Source: The Sun

 It further states

"Year upon there are scenes of violence, past episodes of racial harassment, unacceptable behavior and this is condoned by TV producers all in effort to gain viewing figures"

On Sunday night, the contestants were given group alcohol and were asked by the big brother to talk about each other's personality traits. Later, the game became ugly when the players ended up in a prolonged brawl attacking each other.

Video: Big Brother 2017

 According to the viewers, it all started with a row between Lotan and Isabelle; after sharing some fiery words Lotan hit Hannah with his drink which eventually led to his eviction from the house.

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The episode involved blatant arguments and intense personal attacks. Finally, security officers were called to bring the situation under control.

Big brother has warned the contestants that they could be evicted for such 'unacceptable behavior' in the future.