A Nevada Boy, 13, Sells His XBOX & Buys His Single Mom a Car

Updated On 03 Apr, 2019 Published On

A Nevada boy, namely William Rabillo, 13, sold his Xbox to surprise his mom with a grant gift; he bought a car for his single mother.

Krystal Preston, who recently moved to the new neighborhood with three children and three dogs to pursue a fresh start, says she was in "complete shock" after her son gave her the grand gift.

William found his mom struggling to make transportation and he eventually decided to surprise her with a car after getting an idea with a YouTube video.

Krystal said she thought her son was just joking when he came home and told her that he had bought a car for her. But when she went outside, she found the car right in front of her. William told his mom, "Mom, that's your car." 

In a post Krystal shared on Facebook, she wrote, "I completely lost it. I started balling my eyes out.. I am speechless my 13 year old son bought me a car."

The boy told KOLO-TV that he saved up the money he earned from performing odd jobs and housework in his community.

And one day when he found on Facebook that a woman was selling a 1999 Chevrolet Metro for a decent price, he decided to bring it for his mom.

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