A 36 year old Kills a Stray Cat, Animal Right Activists Outraged

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Georgios Lollias, who brutally killed a stray cat named Strushie on 26th of April this year is behind the bars now. Police caught him on Wednesday this week. 
According to the police, He shot two arrows with a crossbow to the cat outside a hotel in Miami.

Stray Cat Killer Georgos Lollias

Image:  Accused stray cat killer 

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The arrows caused terrible injuries to the cat to the extent that it had to be euthanized later. The death had enraged the animal right activists in Miami.

A woman who fed Strushie, the cat regularly said, it was a popular cat in the area and she found the cat dead outside the hotel 860 Collins Avenue. The cat was taken to a local vet where it was euthanized. 

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Previously, the surveillance videos from outside the hotel that police checked to look for the evidence were found to be deleted and they later received help from US Secret service task force to retrieve the deleted footage.

Later, the man himself admitted to the police that he was guilty of the crime.

Now, the man is charged with two cases, one killing the cat and the other, tampering with the evidence.