7-Week-Old Child Who Was Thrown Allegedly Thrown by Her Mother into 75-Foot Ravine Found Unharmed

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A 7-weeks-old baby that was allegedly thrown by her mother into a 75-foot Ravine was recovered unharmed from a wooded area at the base of the embankment.

Well, the North Carolina police arrested the alleged culprit, the 35 years old mother to the child, Krista Noelle Madden. The lady, prior to the recovery of the child, claimed to the police that she and her child had been kidnapped.

7 CAPTION: 7 months old Shaylie was thrown by her mother into 75-Foot Ravine SOURCE: Daily Mail

The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office stated on Friday that the child, Shaylie, survived the attack as the infant tossed into a ravine that avoided any critical injury. The police also revealed that the child was still strapped to a car seat as she was thrown away.

Video: A Local Found a Baby After He Heard Her Cries

Just a day after Madden reported the missing of the child, Madden has been charged with one count attempted first-degree murder. 

Authorities have also claimed that charges may add up as the investigation proceeds further.

According to police, they got into the detailed investigation after they grew suspicious about Madden's statement who claimed that she and her child was kidnapped and that she had managed to escape the captors but had to leave her infant behind.

The baby was found by a local who hear her cry. The local informed that the infant had managed to roll out of the car seat and had moved to the base of the embankment.

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