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Home Gossip 6 Surprising Facts About Yaron Versano That Will Leave You Amazed

6 Surprising Facts About Yaron Versano That Will Leave You Amazed

Smriti Rai Thu Jun, 2017
6 Surprising Facts About Yaron Versano That Will Leave You Amazed

The long-time awaited movie Wonder Woman starring 32-years-old Israeli actress Gal Gadot is now released. The actress's husband, Yaron Varsano has also garnered the attention lately. The movie is making a lot of money at the box office with good reviews and positive feedback to the warrior princess.

Although Yaron is not a movie star like his wife Gal, he is one awesome man to be noticed. Apart from being a husband of the Hollywood actress, he comes into the limelight now and then with his exclusive approach from his well-established profession.

There is eye-popping interesting information about this gentleman that everyone should come across. We are going to reveal six amazing facts about Yaron today here in Frostsnow. Stay tuned to know all of them!

1) Yaron Varsano; Once sold his hotel over $25 million

Yaron Varsano (sometimes spelled as Yaron Versano in the media) is 42-years-old Israeli businessman and a real estate developer born in Amsterdam. He owned a grand hotel called Versano Hotel located at Shabazi St 11, 65150, Israel with his brother named Guy.

They together sold the hotel to a Russian businessman Roman Abramovich for over $25 million. Though Yaron's net worth is not revealed yet to the public, we surely suspect it to be billion dollars.

2) Yaron Varsano; A man of his words

Like every girl wish for her partner to be a man of his words, Gal is fortunate in this case. In 2006, Yaron had promised Gal to marry her in two years. He truly stood out with his promise and like he planned Yaron proposed her in two years.

Yaron Varsano married Gal Gadot on September 2008

Yaron Varsano married Gal Gadot on September 2008

Source: Frostsnow

Then the couple walked down the aisle on September 28, 2008.

3) Yaron Varsano knew his wife Gal for a decade

Yaron and Gal's love story is more like a fairy tale. They had their first encounter with their mutual friend at a party. The party was held for a healthy life purpose with a yoga lesson and healthy food and lifestyle knowledge.

Afterward, they went on many dates, and that is how they fell for each other and became a couple.


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Now it's been ten years they have been together. Let's see what Yaron said about it on his Facebook;

“10 years have gone by, yet it feels like yesterday we first met… My heart will forever beat to the sound of our love,”

Aww, cute! They are one power couple, and there is not a chance for them to split up ever.

4) Yaron and Gal have Ten years of gap

Yes, peep! We may be entirely unaware of this fact, but Yaron is ten years elder than his wife, Gal. Let's have a look at what Gal expressed to Glamour magazine about her beau;

“He’s 10 years older than me. He told me on our second date he was serious and wasn’t going to wait more than two years to ask me to marry him. Fast-forward two years; he proposed. We were married in 2008,”

Seems like she is over the moon by the way Yaron approached to her. All for good, we are always glad when we see a happy couple.

5) Yaron has an Instagram account

Famous stars have every social media to stay in touch with their fans, Yaron also has an Instagram account which contains the life story of Yaron. He consistently posts snaps with his wife Gal and his children.


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Here's Yaron's post where he posted his wife's picture from Wonder Woman showing how supportive her husband he is!


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6) Yaron Varsano's children

Yaron and his wife Gal have two kids together; 5-year-old Alma and 2-month-old Maya. They both are blessed to have children. Yaron has posted a snap with his three most lovely people in the world. Check this out!


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Stay tuned to Frostsnow for more interesting facts about your favorite celebrities.