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6 Surprising Facts About Jessica Andrea You Need To Know

Mahammad Arsad shekh Sun Jun, 2017
6 Surprising Facts About Jessica Andrea You Need To Know

Jessica Andrea, a name that can be probably used as an alternative to the word "music." In fact, she is a complete package of melody, an orchestra in itself. Making the world wonder with her malicious voice, the singer has established herself as one of the brightest stars in the vast sky of music.

She is now a common name in every kitchen in America. Probably her life is a surprise that will leave you in awe.

Here are the six facts of Jessica.

1) Jessica Andrea; A Musical Sensation

A perfect blend of talent, skill and hard work is always said to make you the most renowned celebrities all around the world. Similarly, as being incredibly talented and hard-working personality, Jessica Andrea has established herself as a popular music sensation.

Vide: Logic - Flexicution Feat. Jess Andrea | Lyrics

Having apparently sung very few song, the singer has achieved immense success and fame. Seemingly music is a part of her soul that she has flooded in the form of legendary pieces of music like medicine. Her songs Flexicution, Bang Bang, etc., in most of which she has associated with her husband, Logic made it to the top charts.

Under Pressure is the most famous song she sang together with Logic. Jessica also covered various songs. One of her most renowned cover songs is Habits.

2) Married Life With Husband Logic

Jessica Andrea is married to her beloved husband Robert Bryson Hall II since October 2015. Robert is widely known as Logic. The couple had a beautiful and unforgettable wedding ceremony. The couple reportedly had their first meeting back in 2013.

Beautiful wedding ceremony of newly married husband and wife couple:Logic and Jessica Andrea

Beautiful wedding ceremony of newly married husband and wife couple: Logic and Jessica Andrea

Source: theprettyblog

Jessica said about her marriage.

Well, I had heard the name Robert Cowles bandied around many times before I actually met him. And when I did, I definitely appreciated his face, but can’t say I was overwhelmingly drawn to him! After a few more times hanging out with him at various events, I vowed that I would never ‘fall’ for him because I thought he was a bit too arrogant for my liking.

She further added;

Six months later, and I found myself with strong feelings for this guy! After a three week holiday in France, Rob returned home and asked what I thought about him being my boyfriend. And three and a half years later, it was clear that a life spent without each other would pretty much be B-grade. And then he proposed!

Within a year of their engagement, the couple finally tied the knot.

3) Foodie Wedding Ceremony

The gorgeous singer Jessica and handsome hunk rapper Logic wanted their wedding to be conducted informally and simply. In this context the couple gave a joint statement like;

We wanted our whole day to flow and we wanted to create an environment that would encourage our friends and family to relax, and revel in each other’s company.

For both of the lovebirds, a big part of that achievement was through the food they served their guests, which was like foodie heaven by the way. The food was Italian inspired and was served in such a way that it became a facilitated conversation and sharing ceremony. 

When asked why they chose this foodie wedding theme, they replied;

We both love food and so it was really important for us that we had incredible food and in large quantities! Our wish was not to have set courses but to have platters of different foods that our guests could pick and choose and share amongst each other.

4) Surprising Birthday Gift To Jessica

How would you feel when your partner wakes you up on your birthday with an orchestra? Especially, if the orchestra plays the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song? It would undoubtedly feel so incredible, right?

That’s exactly the rapper Logic did for his wife Jessica on the morning of her 25th birthday. The Orchestra was on, and Logic was waiting excitedly for his wife to walk onto their balcony in the backyard. Logic wasn't dressed up for the occasion and wearing a “Seinfeld” T-shirt, sweats and sneakers. It was unquestionably the perfect compliment to Jessica who just rolled out of bed.

Here's the video of that moment that Jessica shared on her Instagram. Check it out.

5) Dropped Debut Single Medicine

Logic took over the year 2017 with his third album Everybody that debuted at the number one on the Billboard chart. But now, it’s time for his better half to get in on all the action and dominate other's playlists, too.

The rapper Logic's wife, Jessica Andrea has just released her debut single which is titled Medicine. On the pop-R&B song, Jessica sings about the love she desires. On the hook, Andrea says;

I just need a cure now to stay alive. You’re my medicine.

Here's the video song of it.

Wow! Congratulations Jessica!

6) Instagram Queen

As being the most talented singer and incredibly beautiful lady, Jessica Andrea has successfully earned tons of fans. Her Instagram account itsjessandrea is her original account. Her Instagram account has more than 300,000 dedicated followers since it's beginning.

She mostly shares the adventurous moments on her Instagram.

Here's the end of the discussion, we hope you learned much about the life of Jessica Andrea. For more Interesting facts like this, don't forget to visit Frostsnow.