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Home Gossip 6 Surprising Facts About James Haggar That You Need To Know

6 Surprising Facts About James Haggar That You Need To Know

Mahammad Arsad shekh Wed Jun, 2017
6 Surprising Facts About James Haggar That You Need To Know

What happens when you marry a famous face from the TV industry? You will also be in the limelight. Naga Munchetty is such famous face from the journalism sector married to James Hagger.

James was a not famous enough average film director earlier, but when the news of affair and marriage with Naga came, James became a major talk of the town. You might have learned many things about Naga Muchetty's husband, James Hagger but here are the top six facts of him which will surprise you.

So, let's get started. Just stay with us.

1) An Unexcepted Beginning of Love Affair

Both of the celebrities was busy with their career, and they did not have any intention of getting engaged with anyone because both of them thought it would distract them from their job. But James Hagger and Naga Munchetty coincidently met as professionals in a press conference, and the love story started.

Husband and wife couple: James Hagger and Naga Muchetty

Husband and wife couple: James Hagger and Naga Munchetty

Source: Frostsnow

Later, their professional meetings transformed into a love affair and none of them had ever excepted for that. Both of them tried a lot not to emotionally attach with one another but couldn't stop themselves from falling in love, and the couple eventually started a romantic love affair.

Regarding their dating history, Naga once said;

My first date with James was at a pool hall. We love snooker and pool and this is one of the cues for our snooker table – it’s three-quarter-sized with grey baize, which is a bit more stylish than green. 

 She further added;

Then about eight years ago James convinced me to take up golf. Now I’m addicted and play five or six times a week – those are my golf shoes on the floor and on the table are my trophies. I was thrilled to be asked to do Strictly, but I had to think long and hard because it meant golf would have to take a back seat.

 2) A Blissful Married Life

James didn't waste much time and just after a few months of dating James proposed Naga with a beautiful diamond ring, popping out the question "Will you marry me?". Naga too didn't take much time to accept his proposal and subsequently said "Yes." Their engagement is said to have conducted beautifully. However, none of them ever talked about it.

Within a year of their engagement, the couple tied the sacred bond and began a new phase of life in 2007. Their wedding held in a private ceremony only attended by their closest friends and family was a moment to remember.

3) Love For Cats As Children

It has been over a decade of their marriage, but the couple doesn't have any children. Well, they don't talk much about this matter. However, These two lovebirds are raising a couple of cats as their children. Happy pet lovers.

In an interview, Naga talked a little bit about their love for cats. She said;

I moved to this house six years ago with my husband James Haggar, a TV director, and if I’m not away working I’ll be curled up on this sofa most nights watching TV and stroking my two Siamese cats, Kinky and Ronnie. 

Furthermore, she talked about having a dog too like;

I can look out of the window and see nothing but fields and I feel very safe here. I wanted a dog, but it wouldn’t fit our lifestyle, so we got the cats and they’re our pride and joy.

4) Beautiful Wedding Anniversary

In 2014, for James' 10th wedding anniversary with wife Naga, they asked one of their mutual friend Kimberly Hunt who is the assistant editor at BBC Breakfast, to make something special for them. 

You know what she made for their anniversary? Kimberly is incredibly creative, and she designed the ‘J&N’ art which you can see in the above picture.

J&N art designed by Kimberly Hunt for James and Naga's wedding anniversary

J&N art designed by Kimberly Hunt for James and Naga's wedding anniversary

Source: Dailymail

The art was out of sew-on and pin-on metal badges that represented things which connect James and Naga such as golf, hiking, and theater. The couple had also given Kimberly a couple of badges they picked up which they said to be a remarkable piece of art that beautifully reflects our life together.

5) Less Interest in Social Media Sites

If you try to find some social networking activities of James Hagger, you will be disappointed because he is not active in such things. He doesn't use any social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter while this stuff are the best way for any celebrity to interact and communicate with their fans. James seems to be too much shy towards the public.

On the other hand, his wife Naga Munchetty is very active on Instagram and Twitter. Naga has successfully earned tons of fan followers.

6) Living A Lavish Lifestyle With A High Net Worth

Talent and hard work always said to pay a person a lot in term of money. Moreover, if he is talented enough to be a part of the film and television industry, there is no doubt that he will add more money to his bank account. Likewise, James Hagger, with talent and hard work, successfully earned himself a lavish lifestyle.

Though James has not revealed his exact net worth to the public and media, his annual salary is estimated to be no less than a million.