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6 Most Interesting Fact About J.D. Scott that You Need To Know

Mahammad Arsad shekh Wed Jun, 2017
6 Most Interesting Fact About J.D. Scott that You Need To Know

Perhaps you have thought that there is only a double trouble when it came to the stars of HGTV's Property Brothers, Scott brothers. But you might not know that Jonathan and Drew also have an elder brother named J.D. Scott who's taking the world by storm.

Today we have brought 6 Interesting facts about J.D. Scott which will leave you dreaming all night about him. So, let's get started.

1) None of the Twin Yet Close To the Younger Brother

Three brothers Jonathan, Drew, and J.D. might not be triplets, but their bond seems to be extremely tight. According to, their mother Joanne Scott once told;

There was always sibling rivalry but they build each other up, not tear each other down.


You know what, Drew is also all set for a song which as per him will be a portrayal of the relationship between the three brothers. Wow! What a close bond.

2) Jack of All Trades

It's hard to believe, but J.D. Scott is the most prominent member of Drew and Jonathan’s production company, Scott Brothers Entertainment. J.D. has produced over 50 hours of digital content for the production company together with his twin brother.

As reported by SBE website, J.D. Scott's “outside-the-box approach and creative thinking” are the major things that made J.D. integral to the brand. In addition, he gives a hand on job sites and frequently appears as a “secret weapon” on the twins’ Television shows.

3) Out of The Market

All three Scott brothers (including J.D.) are currently the major attractions in the media. 

J.D. recently celebrated his second anniversary with his long-time girlfriend, Annalee Belle who is a makeup artist. They have spent a little time apart and made their relationship so stronger than they are now planning to get married.

Balancing both the personal and professional life J.D. is enjoying his life to the fullest. J.D. and Annalee have also teamed up with a Famous Duos calendar.

4) Appeared As A Performer

Besides appearing on Drew and Jonathan’s various HGTV series, J.D. Scott has also written scripts, stories and articles. Not only this, J.D. was once also the founding member of Canadian sketch comedy ensemble, YFG.

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Furthermore, J.D. Scott has once appeared as a celebrity impersonator in Las Vegas for the famous stars like David Bowie and Adam Lambert.

5) Master of Disguise: Once Rumored To Be Gay

There was once a question pointed regarding the sexual orientation of J.D. Scott when he uploaded a picture on his Instagram, wearing girl's costume and a female wig. Check it out.


Any questions? ??

A post shared by JD Scott (@mrjdscott) on

You might be wondering whether J.D. is actually gay or not? Well, when J.D. was asked the same question he told the source that it was just a prank by Drew and Jonathan. 

J.D. never took himself too seriously, and regularly documents himself donning such elaborate costumes.

6) All Three Brothers Live Together

In the very modern world, you don't find people living with their family for a long time. One in a while, you get the information of someone splitting with their family, but this J.D., Drew, and Jonathan are very different from these kinds of people as they share a strong bond and are still together standing side by side of each other.

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All these three brothers are living in the house they built in Las Vegas together with family. In a joint statement in this regard, the twin brothers Dean and Jonathan once said;

We have these chaotic lives pulling us in every direction. Having a place where we can all come together means the world to us.

So, here's the end of the article. We hope you enjoyed reading all the above facts. For more interesting facts like this, don't forget to visit Frostsnow.