6 Fat Burning Foods

6 Fat Burning Foods

Food is one of the most basic needs for living beings. Be it plants or animals, nothing can survive without food. Food helps in the growth and development of any living being in different ways. The type of food that one eats varies from another. Some foods are consumed just to please the palate while some are eaten to promote health and supply essential nutrients.However, not all kinds of food contribute positively to our health. Scientists and researchers have revealed that different diseases are rooted on our habit of unhealthy eating; obesity and overweight  are not only the pandemic health hazards, they are solely the consequences of unhealthy eating habits. A majority of people in this world have reported a problem with their unhealthy habit of eating. The food items mentioned below will not only help people to reduce their body fat and stay fit but also supplies essential nutrients.

Here is a list of fat burning foods that can reduce fat



Turmeric (also known as Haldi) is one of the basic ingredients in south Asian food, mostly added in pulses and curries. Regarded as a key ingredient preffered for its coloring properties and spice effect, tumeric is an amazing herb whose roots are ground and turned into powder. In most of the cooked foods, it is added in a small quantity for it’s enhancing taste and color of the food. Moreovere, turmeric also helps in reducing body fat, cholesterol and blood pressure. Cur cumin, an active component of turmeric, may help reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL), increase blood circulation and prevent blood clotting, and helping to prevent heart attacks.


Chili is famously known for its hotness in taste as well as for its effectiveness in reducing body fat. Chilies contain Capsaicin, that helps to burn body fat and increase the metabolism process of the body. According to food specialists and nutritionists “Heidi Allison”, foods that contain dried chilies can help you reduce your body fat by 10 percent. Chili can be used by mixing in any kind of vegetable product and meat.



Since ancient times, honey has been used as a medicine in different forms. It is a collected food jelly of flower collected by honey bees and is homemade medicine which helps to in reducing body fat and increasing metabolism which burns up extra body fat and helps to supply energy swiftly. It works best when taken with a glass of  slightly hot water (Not boiled water) early in the morning.

Green Tea

If you are still drinking normal tea that does not have any benefits, take a different approach. Instead, you can take green tea which helps you to reduce your body fat by speeding up your metabolism process. It also makes your skin smooth and glowing. This helps in burning your excessive calories and not be lazy, of course. Start your day with a fresh cup of green tea, and see how it helps you to stay fit and healthy.



If you are not convinced with green tea, you should probably try coffee instead. This is another drink that will help you to decrease body fat, increase metabolism and stay awake of course. For better results, you should choose unprocessed green coffee beans than your normal cup of Nescafe. But it should also be noted that excessive dose of coffee might be hazardous for health as it contains 40mg caffeine in 100gm of coffee. Caffeine is a risk to health.


As it is famous for its magical effects in helping digestestive system. Cardamom definitely helps you in utilizing your over-stored body fat and boosting up your metabolism. Cardamom has been used since ancient times in many different Ayurvedic medicines and are still used  in substantial quantity. It is believed that it helps you to digest after a heavy intake of food. You can also use it just after a meal as a mouth freshner. Chewing a small bit of cardamon after meals keeps your worries about breath odour at bay.


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