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6 Facts About Shannon Boykin That Will Leave You Wondering About Her All The While

Mahammad Arsad shekh Sun Jun, 2017
6 Facts About Shannon Boykin That Will Leave You Wondering About Her All The While

Late Christopher Boykin was widely famous as Big Black and is known for his appearance in the show Rob & Big. He died of a heart attack on 9th May 2017. Though he is no more among us, his name still exists in the form of his wife Shannon Boykin, and their daughter Isis Rea Boykin.

The other half of Rob Dyrdek's reality television show Rob and Big brought us laughter through it. Take a look at what Boykin’s family life was like when Christopher was with them and learn some interesting facts about his wife Shannon Boykin which will unquestionably leave you wondering her all the time while. So, let get started.

1) A Star-Studded Wedding

Shannon Boykin had been so much staying out of the limelight that it's pretty difficult to find much credible information on her. Even her early life and age is a mystery! But we do know that she was dating Christopher "Big Black" Boykin while he was starring on Rob and Big Show.

Her relationship with Christopher Boykin led her to big fame and recognition and got her name listed among the high profiled celebrities.

Christopher Boykin with his wife Shannon and daughter

Christopher Boykin with his wife Shannon and daughter

Source: ecelebrityfacts

Within a couple of years of being in a relationship, Shannon Boykin became pregnant with their first child which brought unconditional happiness to their life.

Later, Christopher and Shannon Boykin got married in 2008 in a private wedding ceremony that was reportedly attended by numerous celebrities and Hollywood figures.

2) Shannon's husband Christopher left the Rob and Big show to focus more on family

The Rob and Big show had followed the fantastic adventures of Rob Dyrdek and Big Black, With this show, they already broke Guinness World Records, skateboarded, and did other bizarre yet amusing things. The show aired for three seasons and ended. You know why?

So, on the same year the couple got married, Shannon Boykin welcomed her daughter named Isis Rea Boykin together with Christopher Boykin back on 15 February 2008. After the birth of Isis, Christopher left the show to focus more on his family.

Reports at that time accused Christopher's exit to conflict between him and Rob. The former skateboarder Christopher then led his career as a star in his solo MTV shows, Fantasy Factory, featuring Chanel West Coast, and Ridiculousness.

Christopher made cameos in both the initial season. He and Rob later patched things up after their brief split.

3) Shannon Boykin's Husband, Big Black: Two World Record Breaker

Shannon Boykin's husband has left the most memorable moments from Rob & Big for us. There was a weekly segment on the show and both Christopher and Dyrdek attempted to break Guinness World Record.

Rob Dyrdek broke many records at his designated time, including most consecutive ollies, most heelflips in one minute, most switch frontside kickflips in one minute, longest stationary manual, and most nollie kickflips in one minute. In total, Dyrdek set 21 Guinness World Records.


Looking good in my new ride and my new show! Link in bio! #BIGxFIAT @FIATUSA #spon

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On the other hand, Boykin only broke two world records, but to his credit, both were the most enjoyable in the entire series.

The first world record he broke was of peeling and eating the most bananas in one minute and that amounted to three.

The second world record he broke was even more impressive and that was the most powdered donuts eaten in less than three minutes. He ate five donuts in two minutes and 45 seconds.

4) Shannon's Daughter Isis Rea Boykin; A Star of Christopher's Social Media Accounts

Shannon Boykin managed to keep herself apart from the eye of the public and media, not associating in any of Christopher’s social media posts and attended just a few red carpet events with her husband.

But, their daughter, in contrast, enjoyed the attention. Their daughter Isis made her Television debut on Rob & Big, something that her mother didn’t perform.

Christopher used to love posting pictures of his daughter on various social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. Almost every post by him on his social media sites is entirely dedicated to his daughter Isis. Check it out.

She looks as if she is a social media star too along with her father. Wow! the father-daughter relation is incredible.

5) Death of Big Black; Tears and Tragedy

On 9 May 2017, Christopher Boykin suddenly left the world. His death was confirmed by a rep for the family, who confirmed a heart attack to be the cause of his death. Boykin was at the age of 45 when he died.

Though Big Black is no more among us, he lives among us in the form of his wife Shannon and daughter Isis who is nine years old now. Rob Dyrdek also paid tribute to his friend with a series of posts and pictures on Twitter and Instagram. Check it out.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to Shannon and Isis during this stressful time.

6) A Heartbroken Tweet About Big Black Passing

Shannon Boykin doesn't use any social media sites, however, after the death of her husband, she took to the Twitter account of Big Black on 10 May 2017 and revealed a heartbreaking incident about his death. Here's that tweet, check it out.

 It's, in fact, a real tough task to tell the world the news about the death of one's own partner. Well, our wishes are always with the family.

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