6 effective tips to correct your child

6 effective tips to correct your child

Parents play the greatest role in a child's life. Parents sometimes need to sacrifice their happiness as well as work for the child and that is why parenting is called the most demanding job in the world. Parenting is the most difficult and important job in the world. It might seem simple, easy and a granted job but it is not as it seems to be. As a parent, you will be dealing with lots of things, from keeping your child safe to teaching them about the world. While doing so, it is important that you teach your child the difference between right and wrong. Sometimes children do not listen to you and be the kids they are. In those times, being stern and serving some admonishment is essential. However, you cannot be too harsh because, after all, they are only children. Being too tough on children all the time does not sound good. If you know the smart ways to curb your child and correct their behaviors without being too harsh, you will not only win the heart of your child, but you will also chisel out a good human being out of your ward. Here are a few tips to admonish your child without being harsh on them:


Have a set of rules

List out a set of rules and explain those to your children briefly. Make sure that they understand those rules and describe them about the consequences that will come if they fail to follow those rules. If they break the rules, apply the correction immediately that come along. It will help them understand the importance of following rules. Also make some rules for yourself too and punish yourself if you fail. 


To help them understand the difference between wrong and right, reward them when they are right. It is about developing positivity in them. Reward them for their good behavior so that they will stick to it. Positive reinforcement is always better than negative reinforcement. Rewarding them does not mean, you should give them chocolate or a toy every time they do something good. Saying ‘good job’ or ‘I am proud of you’ can be great rewards too. 


Do not Spank

You should not spank your children; it has a negative impact on their developing psychology. If children are spanked, they will develop a fear of parents then that will affect their psychology very badly. More for teenagers this type of activity directly hampers their mental status. They won’t be able to express anything to parents due to such activities. Punishing badly or physically to children makes them dull and that might create distance between parents and children. 

Discourage negative arguments

Neutralize the arguments they dig into. Make sure you explain yourself very carefully and they understand.  Wrong arguments chosen by children should not be allowed to win because it may increase their negative mentality or they might get motivated in wrong ideas. Making arguments by children should not make a big issue; it should be eliminated once it is solved.  Positive arguments should be supported by the parents as well. Making them feel guilty all the time is not a good idea. If they have genuine point to argue for, let them win sometimes and teach them how important it is to take a stand for a right cause


Withhold privileges

Take away privileges from them to get them to do what is right. To realize their mistakes this is one of the best ways.  There might be different permission or activities that the child can do in their home. To make them aware of their mistakes, the child should be barred from doing or enjoying such activities like tv viewing or playing with a particular toy. If the child behaves and corrects the mistakes, then let him/her enjoy the privileges again.

No-allowance week

Allowance can be the most important thing for a growing child. Taking away allowance for a week can be an effective punishment. This shows them how they can be penalized for not behaving properly. This will make children feel sorry for their mistakes. They will realize their mistakes. But, cutting allowance for a long time may breed a feeling of reprisal and animosity in them. It should be effective for a week maximum.


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