53 Years Mike Holmes is single or Married,Know about his Married Life and Relationship

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Whenever a tragedy falls in our lives, we start thinking that we would never be able to get rid of it. But, if we decide to stay happy and move on, we will actually see many ways with which our life can be free of tragedy or just be as normal as we want it to be.

Same thing happened with the Improvement contractor Mike Holmes. Besides being a contractor, he is also a television host for BBC. Mike went through a heartbreaking tragedy at a certain point of life. He once faced a loss in his business and at the same time, went through a divorce with his wife Alexandra Lorex. However, by forgetting all the pain and tragic moments in life, Mike decided to enjoy a delightful life together with his longtime girlfriend Anna Zappia.

Let's learn more about his personal life. Just stay with us.

Troubled Marriage And Divorce Life With Wife Alexandra Lorex

You might not know but the happy and successful Mike Holmes we see nowadays was not like that a decade ago. Although he faced some deafening tragic moments in his life, those tragedies might actually be the source of strength that helped him be a successful person of this day.

Successful television host Mike Holmes

Successful television host Mike Holmes

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Mike Holmes was married to Alexander Lorex at the very young age of 19. The couple was dating for a long time and finally decided to tie the knot in 1982. After the successful 4 years of wedding, they were blessed with their first child. Alexandra gave birth to a daughter in 1992 and named her Amanda.

Former husband and wife couple: Mike Holmes and Alexander Lorex

Former husband and wife couple: Mike Holmes and Alexander Lorex

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Soon after the first child, the married couple welcomed their second daughter named Sherry. The couple was later blessed with a son Mike Jr.  Everything was going perfectly; they were living happily together as a family.

However, in the mid-1990s, a big storm hit their life as the recession occurred and the entire business of Mike was crumbled. His company went bankrupt which constrained him to sell the business and cut the number of employees.

Television personality Mike Holmes with his daughter Sherry Holmes

Television personality Mike Holmes with his daughter Sherry Holmes

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At the same period of time, Mike's decade-long marriage with Alexandra ended up in a divorce. He had to be separated with his children as well. What worst could strike him in his life than that?

His children are now grown up you can often see them working on Mike's television show Holmes Makes It Right.

Mike Holmes moved on soon and is currently dating  Anna Zappia. The couple is dating since 2000. However, it is reportedly said that Mike's relationship with Anna is not limited to just an affair but he actually considers her as a perfect wife. Wow! How romantic.

Mike Holmes with his long time girlfriend Anna Zappia

Mike Holmes with his long-time girlfriend Anna Zappia

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We wish the couple all the very best for their future and we hope that we could soon see them as husband and wife. For more updates, don't forget to visit our site Frostsnow.