5 People Trapped in Virginia Cave: Rescue Operation Underway

Updated On 29 Apr, 2019 Published On

Five men have been trapped inside a Virginia cave since Saturday, April 27, and rescuers have continued the search operation for them.

According to the Virginia Department Search and Rescue Coordinator Billy Grimes, "With cave rescue incidents, this has the chance to extend to eight to 12 hours."

The Russell County Emergency Management said the trapped men, who are between 35 to 59, are believed to be not injured inside Cyclops Cave in southwestern Virginia.

The cave has seven miles of passages in it. Some of them are quite narrow. However, according to authorities, the trapped people are not in the cave's farthest reaches.

Emergency workers are on standby as rescue team rappels down into the cave.

Billy said at an afternoon briefing, "It will take some time to get good information back."

The men planned to spend Saturday night inside the cave and it started to rain at 11 p.m. The rain made the rock walls slippery and thus it was difficult to climb.

According to Russell County Emergency Management, the men are tired, hypothermic and not able to climb out of the cave.

A sixth man of age 22 was able to escape and he called 911.

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