5 People Dies in Collapsed Liberian Gold Mine, 40 Still Trapped

Updated On 14 Feb, 2019 Published On

Five bodies were found dead in a collapsed gold mine on Wednesday, February 13. 40 people are still trapped, Liberian officials said.

Officials say although some survivors have been rescued, those who are still in the northeastern Liberia pit mine may also be dead. The mine was collapsed on Saturday, February 9.

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According to Nimba County superintendent Dorr Cooper, miners are searching for the trapped people with their bare hands.

Cooper said no excavating equipments are available and the heavy machinery in the mine could accidentally kill the trapped people below.

Tappita area reportedly has over 100,000 self-employed miners and it is rife with "uncontrolled and illegal" mining.

Cooper said, "The place is lawless and there is no control".

Authorities attempted to close the gold mine because of the safety concerns. However, it could not be done as there will miners risk death to feed their families with Liberia's faltering economy.

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