4 years after the wedding, Matt Petrus and his wife Molly Line still as charming a couple as ever

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Graceful and charming, Molly Line is a well-renowned personality in American television industry.  The beauty does not only look good but also has an attractive physique. By judging her look and personality, it would be implausible if she never had a relationship in her life. So, we can infer that she has been very successful in keeping her personal and professional life separately. Therefore, we do not have any records of her past affairs and boyfriend.

However, what we know about is her darling husband Matt Petrus who married her on 21 July 2012. According to Molly, she and Matt met at Virginia Tech where both of them matriculated. One of their mutual friends introduced them to one another and then they started dating when they both landed in New England because of their profession. Hearing their story makes all of want to go awwwwww!, isn’t it?

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Well! this amazing couple has already spent their three marvelous years of marriage and is on their way to celebrate their fourth. There is no information about Molly being pregnant till date. Therefore, it's safe to say that this couple doesn’t have any children yet.

Since Molly Line appears to be a secretive person, there isn’t much information about her or her husband on the internet, but we definitely know that this couple is really loving and happy together. This might be one of the reasons why Molly has never cheated on her husband or had any affairs. Since they have completed their fourth marriage anniversary and there are no rumours of their fights, we obviously know that they won't divorce anytime soon.


As we know that all successful marriages are made in heaven and by the way Molly and Matt are going, we definitely can say that their marriage was made in heaven as well. And may their adventure continue till eternity!!