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Home Gossip 32 Years Former actress and Model Jen Waite's Husband; Know about his Double Life

32 Years Former actress and Model Jen Waite's Husband; Know about his Double Life

Ashmita Karki Fri Jul, 2017
32 Years Former actress and Model Jen Waite's Husband; Know about his Double Life

Being deceived by someone who means the world isn’t something that a person expects in their lifetime. Sadly, some people pass through it. Actress and model Jen Waite have recently shared her memoir, ‘A Beautiful, Terrible Thing’ about the double life of her husband, Marco, who deceived her. 

Waite has revealed every detail about her husband who appeared to be perfect but was stabbing her from the back. She has unmasked him perfectly in her memoir. Read the full article to get the details:

Jen Waite and her husband's first meeting and marriage

Waite met her husband for the first time at a restaurant located in Queens in June 2010. Her husband was an illegal US citizen then. Waite was taken away by her husband’s lovable words who never let any chance to flirt with her. During their first kiss, he told her that he never hoped to be so happy before he met her.

Jen Waite

Jen Waite

Source: Jen Waite's homepage

Her spouse asked her the big question during the Christmas of 2012 in front of her family. Without second thoughts, Waite told him yes. The pair tied the knot in a small ceremony in Manhattan City Hall in February 2013. Soon after their wedding, the couple started Marco’s green card processing to make him a legal citizen.

Jen Waite found her husband was cheating after their daughter's birth

The pair welcomed their daughter Louisa in December 2014. After the birth of their daughter, things changed between Waite and her husband not because of the baby, but because of something suspicious Waite found on her husband’s laptop.

Jen Waite with her husband and daughter

Jen Waite with her husband and daughter

Source: News api

Waite discovered that her husband was cheating on her through an email sent by her husband. The mail was delivered to a real estate agent girl named Viktorja. It read “My girlfriend, and I have decided to go with another apartment, but thank you for your time.”

Although her husband tried to solve things by lying at first, he later confessed that he hadn’t been happy and lost all his feelings with Waite. 

The truth hit Waite really hard because her husband was accepting everything when she just had their baby. We all can only guess what Waite must have felt at that moment.

Jen Waite is more strong and independent now

All the things happened in the past has made Waite a stronger woman. She says:

'I’ve grown into myself, am more independent and think on a deeper level." 

As of now, Waite is entirely devoted to her daughter Louisa who is 2½ years old already. She loves watching her daughter develop into an inquisitive child in her new Maine house. She also works in an insurance company and has a stable job.

Jen Waite shared her story with the world not to gain sympathy, but to prevent other women from narcissists like her former husband. She stands as a true inspiration who truly motivates to break free and lead a more fulfilling life without them.

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