21-year-old Spider-Man: Homecoming Actor Tom Holland's Career: His Movies and Awards

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The rising star Tom Holland is best known for the portrayal of the Peter Parker/Spiderman in the second reboot of MCU's superhero film Spiderman: Homecoming. Previously, he appeared alongside Robert Downey Junior and Chris Evan's in the Captain America: Civil War.

The English actor stepped into the film industry following his career in theatre as he initially was a hip-hop dancer at Nifty Feet Dance School in Wimbledon. Well, the 21 years old actor has made an awe-inspiring fortune from the show business.

Tom Holland as Spiderman

Tom Holland as Spiderman

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Well, in this session we are about to unfold some details regardings the wealth of Dominic Holland's son along with his salaries and earnings from his notable roles in the motion picture. We will also talk about his lifestyle comprising his houses and cars.

Tom Holland: Net Worth, Salary, and Career

In 2017, Holland appeared in three films including his current iconic role as Spiderman. He made a total of $1.5 million for his role, while the film grossed over $880 million. That year, Holland took home around $2.2 million that also includes his income from the Irish medieval thriller Pilgrimage, and the epic historical drama The Current War, which features Nicholas Hoult and Michael Shannon.

Tom Holland

Tom Holland

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Holland's net worth is estimated to be over $4 million in 2018 while this year, he will be reprising his role in the next sequel of Avengers, Avenger: Infinity War that is set to release in April. The film features more than a dozen of superheroes represented by numbers of film stars including Benedict Cumberbatch, Scarlett Johanson, Elizabeth OlsenChadwick Boseman and Chris Pratt.

Robert Downey Junior, Tom Holland and Chris Pratt at the sets of Infinity War

Robert Downey Junior, Tom Holland and Chris Pratt at the sets of Infinity War


As Holland was also the cast of the previous installment of the MCU's film series, he received a salary of $250K for his appearance in the film where he was on the Iron Man's side in the Civil War. The film was a massive hit at the box-office and collected over $1.15 billion against its budget of $250 million.

Moreover, Holland has also made a handful of television appearances including in the BBC Two's series Wolf Hall. He played in three episodes of 2015 season of the BBC series.



Well, Holland is set to star with Will Smith in an upcoming 3D animated film Spies in Disguise and will also be providing his voice in fantasy adventure The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle in 2019 alongside, Selena Gomez, John Cena and Downey Junior. And with that Holland's net worth is speculated to grow in following years as the sequel to the latest Spiderman is also expected to release next year.

Tom Holland: House and Car

Holland lives in an apartment in London in the neighborhood of Kingston upon Thames, southwest of Greater London, which is close to his parent's house. It was his first property purchase which he bought after finishing the filming of Spiderman. He previously lived with his parents and his brothers in Kingston. And moving on to his car collection, he owns an Audi A6 which costs around $50K.