131-Car Wisconsin Pileup Video, 1 Person Killed and Dozens Injured in Accident

Updated On 28 Feb, 2019 Published On

A deadly pileup involving 131 cars left at least one person dead and dozens of people injured in Wisconsin. The collision marks "the largest traffic crash in the state's history."

According to the Winnebago County Sheriff's Office, the multiple-vehicle collision occurred on Sunday, February 24, on Interstate 41 in Neenah, Wisconsin, left some vehicles at a "total loss and not drivable."

Wisconsin officials released a video from the chain-reaction accident that shows cars slamming into each other in whiteout conditions. 911 dispatchers handled hundreds of calls from frightened motorists.

Science teacher Andrew Schefelker, 30, was the one who was killed in the crash. Seventy-one others, who received a "multitude of injuries," were rushed to nearby hospitals.

Sheriff John Matz said it received a total of 772 911 calls, "resulting in 108 calls for service."

Two women who were involved in the pileup told WMSN-TV that they "were a sitting duck" as they waited for authorities to arrive to help them.

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