120 Illegal Immigrants Were Found Inside Locked Trailer in Texas

Updated On 17 May, 2019 Published On

120 illegal immigrants, including 11 minors, were found in Texas last week after the border agents discovered them inside a locked semi-trailer.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirmed on Wednesday, May 15, that agents were investigating a black semi-truck and a white trailer trying to enter the United States.

They discovered the illegal immigrants at a Laredo checkpoint at midnight of May 10.

While agents were interviewing the unidentified driver, a K9 dog alerted them about narcotics or concealed humans inside the trailer.

Agents found a total of 120 people, among who 11 were juveniles and 109 were adults from Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico, inside the trailer.

According to CBP, the individuals appeared in good health. They all were evaluated by medical personnel.

CBP said in a statement,

Fortunately for all individuals found inside the trailer, the weather was unseasonably cool and conditions inside the trailer were bearable. Nonetheless, it would have been impossible for the people to escape the trailer as it could not be opened from the inside.

It's not clear if the driver was detained.

Previously in April, CBP apprehended more than 109,000 migrants who were attempting to cross the border. That was the second month in a row when the number topped 100,000.

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