12 Years Old Jessica Scatterson Kills Herself After Being Bullied

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12  years old girl Jessica Scatterson, who was reportedly bullied at her school, killed herself in her bedroom in Warrington, Cheshire, in April 2017. The 12 years old posted a picture of her foot with foot written before she took the step of killing herself.

The distraught mother of the child has pleaded with the parents of young kids to monitor their children's social media, saying it very easy for young children to access self-harming content on social media.

In a conversation with Sun, the mother said, 

It's really scary what children can access on the internet and I don't want another child to take their own life. 'It is still the parents' responsibility to supervise their children's online activity...but any help from schools, government and internet providers would help. 'The government and internet providers should block these sites and make it harder for children to access them.

The 12 years old, who lived with her father, had been able to create an account without meeting a required age, ie. 13. And following her death, in an investigation, a lot of drawing and notes relating to death and suicide was found in her room.

Jessica CAPTION: Jessica Scatterson killed herself in her bedroom in Warrington, Cheshire, in 2017 SOURCE: Daily Mail

The notes also included the name of the alleged bully and a number of nasty messages were found in a social media chat between her and her friends in her iPad.

An inquiry by the police revealed the incident concerning Jessica being bullied at school in April 2016.  

Besides, it was also discovered that she had tried to herself previously as well without the knowledge of her parent or her teachers Penketh High School.

Well, as of now, the British government has warned social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to take care of the harmful contents.