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Home Gossip "The Good Wife" star Kalinda Sharma and her husband Rajesh Nihalani Relationship and Married Life

"The Good Wife" star Kalinda Sharma and her husband Rajesh Nihalani Relationship and Married Life

Richa Thu Jan, 2016

Earning popularity as Kalindra Sharma Archana “Archie” Panjabi is belonging from the British nationality and she is a British Actress. Her earning of the award Primetime Emmy Award during the year 2010 gave her earn the publicity and as mentioned by her all the credit goes to her spouse Rajesh Nihalani whom she got married in the year 1998. Rajesh and Archana is a great example of love after the arrange marriage. Even her family was not so clear about their marital status and worried whether they will get succeed or not, but with the change in time and situation Archana and Rajesh were truly in love.

Archana was not so clear during the very initial stage whether she can stay happy with Rajesh or not. They started meeting in restaurants to know each other with their likes and dislikes. She was even not that comfortable to get close with Rajesh, this intention of Archana was known by Rajesh and started making her feel warn up with her comfort while being with him. As Rajesh used to like her from the very day he saw her in the family party where they both of them meet for the very first time facing each other.

Archana is properly going with her relationship. She even mentions that her husband is the one who helps her to balance her personal life as well as sharpen her professional career therefore; they are not spreading any of the news regarding the divorce of the relationship and their married life. As they are completing happy with their family living with Rajesh’s Father and mother but they have nowhere mentioned about their children in the current time. This is the thing that their fans are seriously waiting for. Archana is also planning to gift Rajesh a new branded car for that she is searching for.