'The Big bang Theory' actress Melissa Rauch is pregnant, opens up about her Miscarriage

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When Melissa Rauch was expecting a baby last time, she suffered a miscarriage, it must have been a horrible experience for the exceedingly successful sitcom The Big Bang Theory star, but the sunny side of the story is that she is pregnant again with her screenwriter husband, Winston Beigel.

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Recently, she announced her pregnancy in a conversation with Glamour Magazine.

Mellissa Rauch is pregnant

Image: Melissa Rauch, 'The Big Bang Theory'


She opened up with Glamour magazine revealing not only her pregnancy but also talked at length about the miscarriage she faced before.

Melissa Rauch husband

Image: Melissa Rauch with her husband

Source: People

Talking about her mournful experience with the miscarriage she confessed it was  "was one of the most profound sorrows" of her life that almost doomed her to depression.

The 29-year-old actress added that the experience has left a deep impact on her life and has changed her forever.

Video: Melissa on the Ellen show

Further, she expressed that she was grateful for every moment of her current pregnancy and wishes to be a better mother to her child to be born. 

On the popular sitcom series, The Big Bang Theory, Rauch plays the character, Bernadette, a microbiologist who is married to Howard.