Lele Pons reveals she & Juanpa Zurita are not dating but insists a future relationship is possible

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Lele Pons and Juanpa Zurita were thought to be dating in the past. Because of this couple's compatibility and closeness, everyone believed that they were real-time lovers.

However, the truth is, Pons and Zurita are not dating but Pons has revealed herself that they might date each other in the future. Isn’t that cute? Let’s find out more about this duo.

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Lele Pons and Juanpa Zurita's love affair and relationship

Lele was frequently asked about her relationship with Zurita by her fans and followers. It’s not a strange thing when people assumed that this pair was dating, as Lele and Juanpa were often seen hanging out and going on vacations together. It was not captured by the media but by Lele and Juanpa themselves. In one of their photos, the pair was also seen kissing each other.

Romantically linked boyfriend and girlfriend: Lele Pons and Juanpa Zurita kissing scene

Romantically linked boyfriend and girlfriend: Lele Pons and Juanpa Zurita kissing scene

Source: YouTube

However, 15th June 2016, Lele shared a video through her YouTube channel where she confirmed that she was not dating Juanpa. She even added by saying that they are very close friends and they might date in the future.

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Recently, Lele had been seen posting a photo on one of her social media sites wishing Jaunpa his 22 years' old birthday. She wrote, 


She further added,

Love you so much @elijuanpazurita!

Before that, on February 12, 2018, the rumored couple was seen as each other's dance partners. Similarly, on the Halloween of 2017, she and Juanpa were Mr. and Mrs. Skeleton. This hints that they are a couple but, it's just rumored till now. 

Well, they have already indicated the possibility of dating in the future, let's hope we will get to see them as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Lele Pons' Current Relationship Status: Still without a boyfriend or dating someone?

Lele is a very attractive and sexy young lady who must have dated many men. But she has not revealed any information about her relationships. The assumption of her affair with Juanpa appears to be just a rumor as well. Till date, there is no information about Lele’s boyfriend. Her current relationship status appears to be single too.


Hi guys????

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Talking in short about Juanpa, He is also a vine superstar who has many followers and fans. He is from Mexico who is also very famous on Twitter and Instagram.

Lele Pons not planning to get married

Lele is not married. At present, she is on her way of raising her career to a higher level. Thus it looks like she doesn’t have any plans of getting married soon.

beautiful youtube star Lele Pons

beautiful youtube star Lele Pons

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Aged 21, Lele Pons Has Already Established Herself As A Successful Vine Star

25th June 1996 born Lele is currently 20 years old. Despite being so young, Lele has already gained so much fame and followers. She is a well-renowned internet personality. She became famous because of her six-second video loops on ‘Vine’ which is a video-sharing app.

Hot and sexy youtube and vine star Lele Pons

Hot and sexy youtube and vine star Lele Pons

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According to the reports of 2016, she is the most looped person and most followed female star on Vine.

Lele Pons' fame as a vine star

Her activity on Vine started when Pons was 15 years old. One of her friends made her know about the popular video uploading service. She says: “I started with my friends, and I started becoming good. At first, it was just being really creative—it wasn't even funny stuff." 

Hot and sexy vine star Lele Pons

Hot and sexy vine star Lele Pons

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The app appeared to be very lucky for her, as she found much fame because of it. She became the first user to surpass 1 billion video loops. You will be amazed to know that the phrase “Do it for The Vine’ became famous because of Pons.