Kanye West's Wife Kim Kardashian's Eye On Kylie Jenner: ‘Jealous’ Of Kylie Jenner’s Rising Fame

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Kim Kardashian, who once used to be the center of attraction in the Hollywood town has lately noticed her charm fading because of her 19-year-old sister Kylie Jenner.

Be it her best-selling lip Kit, her cosmetic line, her super-popular Instagram or her upcoming summer spin-off series Life of Kylie, the youngest of the Kardashian family, Kylie fame has been rapidly growing over the past few years.


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However, her rising fame and her ability to earn money are not sitting well with her elder sister Kim.  

An insider said, "Kim is really not feeling Kylie and her ability to make money hand over fist and she’s blaming Kris."

Moreover, Kim has recently claimed their mother and manager Kris Jenner responsible for her sister rising fame and recognization.

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The insider further added, "Instead, she feels like she’s being fazed out by Kylie’s fame and her ability to make money so easily and blames Kris for making everything so effortless for Kylie. When Kim was coming up, she had to do everything herself. Kylie will never know the real struggle."

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However, Khloe, the other sister in Kardashian family has completely different perspective about Kim and she doesn't find Kim jealous of her sister. And she thinks Kim is on of the strongest lady she has ever met and that she is not the kind of girl who gets sad on any one success.

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Well, what's your perception of the matter? Do you think Kim is Jealous of her sister? Let us know in the comment section below.