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Home Gossip IFBB's Bodybuilder Phil Heath Finds New Girlfriend After Divorce With Ex-Wife Jennie Laxson Heath

IFBB's Bodybuilder Phil Heath Finds New Girlfriend After Divorce With Ex-Wife Jennie Laxson Heath

Dilip Adhikari Fri Mar, 2017
 IFBB's Bodybuilder Phil Heath Finds New Girlfriend After Divorce With Ex-Wife Jennie Laxson Heath

Phil Heath!! A new headline maker. The news of Phil Heath's divorce is all over the web. The famous bodybuilder Phil who recently got out of his six years long married relationship has been the main topic of gossip town nowadays. The news of divorce shocked all his fans as he was very supportive towards his ex-wife Jennie Laxson when she underwent the painful process of breast cancer treatment.

But what actually happened between them, which led the couple towards court's door? We will answer everything about the couple in today's digest as we explore their married life and life events one after another. What happened to this loving guy all of a sudden? Do you want to know the full story? Hold your breath for the good news. But, before that let's give you some information about the new girl in his life.?

A new girl in Phil Heath's life

The New Girl, sound interesting right? Who doesn't want new girls if they had a bad time with someone else? People even tend to find a new girl within a few days past divorce. But is there any other girl whom Phil is dating the cause of their separation? Naah, no other girls were in his life and this is totally not the case with Phil.

Phil Heath

Phil Heath in action

Phil found this new girl 2 years after his divorce. The name of the new girl wasn't known to the media till now but what are we here for. The new girl he is dating right now is a Model.

You wanna know who is this model? Of course, you do. Or are we wrong? Even if you don't want to we are going to share this anyway haha. Her name is Shurie. So, do you think this handsome hunk bodybuilder Heath will seal the holy bond with this new girl Shurie from Mile High City Arizona? We need to wait to know the outcomes.



Im SO ready for my big cozy bed and @philheath to cuddle with me lol ???????? #BedTime #DoubleDaysHurt

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Keep guessing guys, we will get back to you with the answers in the later part of this gossip. But at first, let's take a look at his failed marriage. 

Phil Heath divorce with Jennie Laxson

The divorce of Phil Heath and Jennie Laxson was made official after Jennie recovered from her breast cancer. As mentioned earlier, Jennie Laxson was fighting breast cancer and the six-time Mr. Olympia did not give up on his wife. The family survived cancer without any loss.

Phil Heath with his exwife Jennie Laxson

Phil Heath with his ex-wife Jennie Laxson


You can also follow Phil Heath on Instagram, Check out his recent Instagram post.



This post is an invitation to all his fans and followers.

Jennie was the one who took the decision of getting out of the relationship as she did not want Phil to suffer because of her chronic disease. Phil even after his divorce with Jennie was not involved in any relationships or affairs for about two years. Seeing this, we can gather that the bond between them is still there and the couple is still in good terms of friendship.

You can also follow him on his twitter, check out his tweet.

And another one

But people on the media often say that Phil the bodybuilder dumped his wife for a new girl who is young and beautiful. Now, let's talk about the new girl that Phil is with.

Phil Heath with his new Girlfriend Shurie

Phil Heath is frequently seen with a very beautiful girl Shurie from Mile High City Arizona. Phil started dating the model and fitness freak, 2 years after his divorce with his wife.

Phil Heat with his girlfriend

Phil Heat with his new girlfriend

Source: The Picta

Since Phil Heath is not a married man anymore, what do you think will he marry the young and beautiful fitness model Shurie? What will happen if they get married? Would Phil love this new girl like he loved Jennie Laxson?

All the answer lies in the future, but in recent days the couple is having the best time of their lives together. They are seen spending quality time in exotic places together.

Video: Phil Heath Relationships 

Well, there are a lot of questions about this new duo which only they can answer. We hope they get along together and stay happy forever.

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