'I Was Sexually Assaulted': Lucy Hale Implies Her Dignity and Pride Was Broken

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The Pretty Little Liars star (from 2010-17), Lucy Hale hinted towards a sexual assault in a since-deleted message on social media, Instagram and Twitter, on Thursday, January 18.

Lucy, 28, shared a cryptic message to her fans on Instagram,

I never understood sexual assault until tonight. I always sympathized, but never felt the pain of it until right now.

My dignity and pride was broken. I am completely at a loss of words.

Lucy Hale's message's 'broken dignity and pride'

Lucy Hale's message's 'broken dignity and pride'

Source: US Weekly

Lucy then added that she could use her experience to try and help other, writing,

I feel for anyone that has felt this pain that I feel right now. But I promise. I will not let a moment go by that I don’t try to make a difference.

And deleted her cryptic message, but posted the same message on her Twitter account, 

I deleted it from Instagram. But this needs to be heard.

Lucy Hale deletes her cryptic message from her social networking sites

Lucy Hale deletes her cryptic message from her social networking sites

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She again deleted her emotional message from her Twitter, however fans were quick to show their support for the Pretty Little Liars star.

My heart has just broken… You don’t deserve this. Thank you for being brave enough to speak up, you’re strong!

One of her fans wrote in Lucy's post.