'I’m super protective of my girlfriend': Levi Meaden on Girlfriend Ariel Winter

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Levi Meaden has Ariel Winter's back. Levi Meaden might play a villain in his upcoming movie Breaking In but he is so caring and looks out for his near ones in real life. Maybe his real life and reel life don't coincide!

The Incontrol actor, 30, revealed how protective he is towards his loved ones,

"I’m super protective of my girlfriend, our dogs, my family, my brother,”


Getting ready for the premiere and knowing the highlight of the night.

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Meaden exclusively told US Weekly on Wednesday, May 3.

“My little brother, so I have that big brother vibe.”

Meaden portrays an evil character who believes in vengeance, but he has a different side in real life.

“I think there’s a lot of things you can let go of and … the best revenge is just living well in some cases,”

he explained.

“But sometimes you gotta push back and support those around you. People will take advantage of you if you let them go too far.”

Vieo: Ariel Winter and Levi Meaden affair

His real-life persona might have helped him and Ariel Winter to get along with each other.

“I’ll run lines with her for sure and she will kind of give me some advice and I’ll ask her how she thinks it’s working out,”

he told the Weekly of Winter, who he started dating in November 2016.



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He added:

“We don’t really sit down and discuss [potential projects], it just comes up as we talk and let each other know what’s going on … and get ideas from each other about what we can bring to the character. Just fun, simple ideas.”