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Home Gossip "I love being an author, I dance, and you’re gonna see, I am a painter,” Bern Nadette Stanis

"I love being an author, I dance, and you’re gonna see, I am a painter,” Bern Nadette Stanis

Richa Mon May, 2016

Bern Nadette Stanis of good times spoke in an interview about her hobbies that got famous from Thelma. During the very time, she was a teenager while portraying the character. During the time, she portrayed as Deborah and after the completion of the play she portrayed with many other roles in earlier time. Besides this, she even shared her hobbies and field of interest.

She mentioned interested being an author. Further, she also loves dancing and best in painting. Yes, she is multi-talented in fact. Bern started from early age looking her family she portrayed in many fields to uplift her career. Since 1974, she is active with her presence and performance that made her close enough with her fans.

Reaching the height of fame and an amazing ratio of net worth she is also the mother of a daughter whom she is planning to launch in a film very soon. Previously she was married to her affair Thomas Fauntleroy in 1974 till 1967 due to the heavy ratio of conflicts and misunderstanding they divorced which led her to marry Kevin Fontana in 1981. She is the mother of 2 children their children names are Dior Raven and Brittany Rose Fontana.

Not only in public interviews and public ceremony she expresses about her interest. Rather, she can be seen in social networking sites equally. Currently, her publicity has reached its attention on Twitter and Instagram much. She seems the loving daughter of her mother, her latest post seems so


Additionally, her Instagram pictures are equally attractive consisting of 7,351 followers into it. Her latest picture with red lipstick was a center point of attention to her fans. She added, love from her fans is the reason that made her alive and famed. She promised to give her best works in near future.  


Happy Birthday????My Miss 21 Enjoy your day baby girl .????

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