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Home Gossip "I always knew Rudy Galindo had a creative streak in him," claims Olympic champion Kristi Yamaguchi

"I always knew Rudy Galindo had a creative streak in him," claims Olympic champion Kristi Yamaguchi

Shauhard Bikram Rana Thu Jun, 2016

Rudy Galindo has composed a collection of memoirs " Icebreaker". He is contaminated with HIV. He is a gay skating champion. He is appreciative of his family as his dad sacrificed for his skating profession and his sister Laura drove him to practice when she was not qualified to drive an auto. Her sister went about as a Coach for him. He is not married so he has no wife. There is no doubt of divorce.


His present age is 46 as his bday falls on September 7. He was conceived September 7, 1969. He is from San Jose, California. He was matched with Kristi Yamaguchi. He was guided by Laura Galindo-Black. He contended in both single skating and match skating. In a solitary skating champion boat, he has won 1996 U.S national Champion, 1987 best on the planet and 1996 Bronze medalist.In a sets skater, he was combined with Kristi Yamaguchi, they were 1988 World Junior Champion, in 1989 and 1990 U.S National Champion. 

He is experiencing the disaster in different phases of vocation, his dad Galindo kicked the bucket from a heart assault, his sibling passed on from AID. His lesser years mentor Jim Hulick kicked the bucket due AIDS-related malignancy and comparatively his another mentor Rick Inglesi passed on account of AIDS. He too is tainted with AIDS. 

Amid the 1996 title, in the place where he grew up San Jose Arena, in which he won the men's' title at the U.S. Titles. He was the most seasoned men to win that title in 70 years.    He won the Bronze in 1995 World Championships. He resigned not long after the Championship. His total net worth is not known 

He has been visited with Tom Collins' Champions on Ice, he harmed his femur. He supplanted his hip in August 2003 when he completed seasons visit. At long last, COI left the business in 2007. Because of his commitment in figure skating, his name is enlisted in Sports Hall of Fame in 2011. He was chosen to the U.S Figure Skating Hall of Fame in December 2012.