"Harvey Weinstein Tried to Have Me Star", Chris Rock's Humor on Sexual Harassment Didn't Go Well!

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Audiences weren't at laugh, rather in anger when the famous American comedian/actor/writer/producer, Chris Rock, 52, tried out something new at his gig in New York Comedy Cellar on Thursday, November 2. Chris brought in such topics, which is making headlines these days- sexual harassment.

The famous comedian has been successful to set his audiences at laugh but the last Thursday's show was actually out of the syllabus- the comedian failed to serve something that can be amused.

Chris Rock didn't actually rock the gig in  New York Comedy Cellar on Thursday, November 2

Chris Rock didn't actually rock the gig in  New York Comedy Cellar on Thursday, November 2

Source: Vulture

An audience told Page Six that Chris said, he won't hire women anymore because he would need someone with him, to witness he is nice to women. He joked that he wouldn't even hire women, now on.

They cry rape because they want money,

Chris apparently said. 

I’ve seen him before and he was hysterical, but this wasn’t funny at all,

 one woman tells Page Six.

Nobody was laughing. There were many boos and many women who were telling him he was a sexist pig. Two people got kicked out.

Chris seemed to enjoy his words and further gushed about Harvey Weinstein even after his friend Jeff Ross, who was second to perform after Chris finishes, asked him for a new topic.

Weinstein ­fucked with me by trying to have me star in the worst movies of all time.

Rock's publicist and the club spokesman had no comment.