Donald Trump in controversies again: His Tweets Infamous among Media Persons

Updated On 04 Jul, 2017 Published On

In response to anti-media tweets of President Donald Trump, many media houses and individual journalists have come in consensus calling his trump's tweets triteful.

Conservative commenter Charles Krauthammer reports on Fox News Special Repor t saying that his tweets are just an 'exercise in trolling'.

Donald Trump

Image: Donald Trump


Another reporter from The Washington Post's, Charles Lane said he finds Trump's tweets as his efforts to create an agenda as he has none. He further mentioned that he finds the whole thing very 'embarrassing'.

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Krauthammer in consent to the statements of Lane says he thinks; it must be some kind of psychological need of the president and he could be making fun of media to gain more attention.


The Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway makes a  sarcastic remark over the issue, saying

“This isn’t normal” don’t understand that “that’s the point and that’s what a lot of people like.”