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Home News 'Chris has a lot of love for her': Amid Rihanna and Hassan Jameel' Marriage Rumors

'Chris has a lot of love for her': Amid Rihanna and Hassan Jameel' Marriage Rumors

Shree Krishna Sun May, 2018
'Chris has a lot of love for her': Amid Rihanna and Hassan Jameel' Marriage Rumors

Reports have that the We Found Love - singer, Rihanna is considering marrying boyfriend Hassan Jameel and the singer's former beau Chris Brown is totally heartbroken.

The couple, Rihanna, 30, and her billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jammal are said to be discussing marriage. It's also said that the singer is considering to move to Paris to be closer with Jammal. It the ceremony is anyone sooner to hit the floor, it obviously will be the biggest celebration for her admirers.

Video: Rihanna and her billionaire beau Hassan Jameel enjoying romantic gateway to Paris

But not everyone is happy over the rumblings. Rihanna's former boyfriend Chris Brown might not be celebrating it and several sources claim that Brown is still in love with Rihanna.

Chris [Brown, 29] is also really shocked to learn that Rihanna may be so in love with her new guy,”

a source exclusively told

“Chris still thinks about Rihanna all the time and has a lot of love for her.”

The insider added that Brown isn’t happy with how things ended between him and Rihanna and also added that her new relationship is really driving home that he might have missed his chance.

“He has major regrets about how things ended between them and he feels like the more serious she gets with her boyfriend, the less chance he has of ever getting back together with her,”

the source added.

“Chris is disappointed that he may never have another shot at making things right with Rihanna. If she ends up marrying this guy, Chris will be devastated.”



Whenever u ready.... SO AM I??

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Also, a source previously shared that,

“Rihanna and Hassan have started talking marriage. He hasn’t proposed yet, but it’s heading in that direction and when he does Rihanna will absolutely say yes. She’s crazy in love with him. He’s her dream guy for so many reasons. Not only is he drop dead gorgeous, he’s also a brilliant businessman with a huge heart."

"Just like Rihanna, he’s got his own charity and he does tons of philanthropy work. His family is one of the richest in the world, and she could have easily relied on his trust fund and partied his life away, but that’s just not who he is.”