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'80s Stars who have Disappeared from the Industry

Abhinawa Devkota Mon Feb, 2018
'80s Stars who have Disappeared from the Industry

Walking down memory lane, the 80's was indeed a notorious yet fun decade. It was the decade of scrunchies, shoulder pads, mini skirt, oversized shirts and all neon as far as fashion goes. The years were also insanely productive in the field of music as pop artists like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Madonna emerged during that time.  

Talking about films and TV shows, it was a golden age for action movies that showcased stripped, muscular men who could handle a machine gun like it was a toy in their hands. On the other hand, ladies who were 'All American Girl,' with a fit body devoid of muscles, long, flowing hair and big busts, ruled the roost.

Some of the actors of the era are Pamela Anderson, known for her skimpy red bikini; and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who represented the male aspirations of the era. However, a lot of things have changed since then.

Back to the 80's

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However, not everyone is lucky enough to continue in the industry where demands continue to change. There are many actors and celebrities who have vanished from the industry since the end of the decade. Below, we have listed some stars from the 80's who have disappeared from the industry. 

1. Phoebe Cates

Phoebe Cates

Phoebe Cates

Source: Movie Web

Phoebe Belle Cates Kline, a.k.a. Phoebe Cates, made her debut in the film industry in the early 80's. She went on to star in 1982's film Fast Times at the Ridgemont as Linda Barrett. The movie became her breakthrough despite being her second. She then starred in numerous films like 1984's Gremlins, 1989's Heart of Dixie and others.

However, as the 90's dawned, the actress' career went downhill. It was so bad that she decided to retire from acting in 1994. According to sources, the former actress currently owns a high-end boutique in Manhattan's Blue Tree. 

2. Mia Sara

Mia Sara

Mia Sara

Source: AOL

Best known for her portrayal of the lead character Sloane Peterson in the 1986 comedy film Ferris Bueller's Day off, Mia Sara is an American actress. She made her debut as an actress in 1985 and was able to drop some big hits in the 80's. Even during the early and mid 90's the actress appeared in some hit films like Timecop.

However, after the Timecop role, the actress has not given any notable appearances. She appeared in numerous minor role throughout late 90' and early to mid-2000's, but she never went back to gain the fame she once did in the 80's. She portrayed minor roles in TV series like The Witches of Oz back in 2011 and, after four years of break, appeared in 2013's Pretty Pretty

3. Pauly Shore

Pauly Shore

Pauly Shore

Source: Rolling Stone

Paul Montgomery 'Pauly' Shore, a.k.a. Pauly Shore, is an American standup-comedian-turned-actor (what a cliche). He made his debut as an actor back in 1985 and appeared in films like For Keeps (his debut film), which collected $17.5 million worldwide. 

The actor gained even more fame in the early 90's with films like In the Army Now, Encino Man and others. However, his progress since the late 90's is questionable. He still appears in some movies and TV shows till date, but they are not notable roles worth remembering. 

In 2003, he appeared in the comedy film Pauly Shore Is Dead as himself. The film only made $11,000 worldwide. Well, people, let us be frank. Pauly is not dead but his career has died after the mid-90's. 

4. Jeff Cohen

Jeff Cohen Then and Now

Jeff Cohen Then and Now

Source: Her Campus

Child actor Jeffery Berten Cohen, a.k.a. Jeff Cohen, is best known for his Fatboy comic role in 1985's film The Goonies. He began his career as an actor back in 1983 and his career was mostly limited to the 80's. Even though he appeared in movies till the early 90's, the roles were not notable. 

So we can safely say that his acting career took a massive U-turn in the beginning of the 90's. Meanwhile, he has slimmed down now. He is currently working as an attorney and is the co-founder of Cohen & Gardner, LLP. 

5. Claudia Wells

Claudia Wells

Claudia Wells

Source: The Gazette Review

Claudia Grace Wells, a.k.a. Claudia Wells, is an American actress who made her debut in the film industry back in 1979. She is best known for her portrayal of Jennifer Parer in 1985's film Back to the Future. And that is it. Despite her stunning beauty, the actress does not have any other movie for which she is recognized. Although she did appear in a handful of movies until finally deciding in 1987 that acting was not her cup of coffee. 

Later on, in 1996, she tried to make a comeback as an actress and appeared in a minor role in the film Alien Armageddon. The other film she appeared in after that is Room & Board

We are unsure why she decided to get back into acting after deciding to retire. Sources claim that she currently is the owner of Armani Well's, a men's clothing store located in Studio City. 

We hope you enjoyed the list we have presented. If you have any other 80's star that comes to mind, make sure to comment and share with us.