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Home News '77 Sunset Strip' Star Roger Smith died at 84

'77 Sunset Strip' Star Roger Smith died at 84

Aditya Singh Thu Jun, 2017
'77 Sunset Strip' Star Roger Smith died at 84

The star of the popular 50s and 60s detective series '77 Sunset Strip', an actor and manager of Ann-Marget, Roger Smith died on Sunday, June 4, 2017, in Los Angeles. He was 84.

An actor's death was confirmed by Jack Gilardi, an agent for Smith's widow, Ann-Marget, saying the actor died at a Los Angeles hospital Sunday after battling a terminal illness. However, he didn't specify the exact cause of death.

Roger Smith

A square-jawed entertainer with wholesome goodlooks, Mr. Smith was best known for his role as Jeff Spencer on the hit TV show '77 Sunset Strip' from 1958 to 1963 which was a crime drama created by Joy Huggins, where Mr. Smith was  featured as a glamorous alternative to the shabbier investigators of other series, and Edd Byrnes as Kookie, a heartthrob parking-lot attendant. The actor also starred in a handful of films, such as ''Man of a Thousand Faces'' (1957), ''No Time to be Young" (1957), "Operation Mad Ball" (1957), "Never Steal Anything Small" (1959).

Smith's passing news came less than a month after he and his wife, actresse Ann Marget celebrated their 50th wedding anniversery on May 8 where she revealed the secret to their long lasting relationship was laughter. She said;

"We laugh at ourselves. We get into weird situations. If you can't laugh at yourself, you are in trouble. We laugh before everyone else does."

Roger Smith with his wife on their 50th wedding anniversery

Roger Smith with his wife on their 50th wedding anniversery

Mr. Smith mostly stayed behind the scenes after his marriage to Ann-Margret on 1967, whom he began dating in the mid-1960s. Then later on, he stepped in as Ann-Margret’s manager, producing many of her stage shows and TV specials, including, “Ann-Margret: From Hollywood with Love” (1969), “Ann-Margret: When You’re Smiling” (1973) and “Ann-Margret … Rhinestone Cowgirl” (1977).

“Now in Roger I’ve found all the men I need rolled into one — a father, a friend, a lover, a manager, a businessman,” Ann-Margret told writer Rex Reed in 1972, according to USA Today. “It’s perfect for me. I couldn’t exist without a strong man.”

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Roger Smith was born on December 18, 1932, in South Gate, California. He is survived by his wife Ann Marget, and a daughter and two sons from his first marriage whom he had married in 1956 and divorced in 1965.