Anri du Toit, better known as Yolandi Visser, reported to be single.

Anri du Toit, better known as Yolandi Visser, reported to be single.

Time and again Yolandi Visser is asked whether she has a boyfriend or not? She is thought to have no affair these days and neither is she dating anyone, but plenty of her fans are curious to see her in a relationship and get married someday. The singer, who is active from 2001, is associated with 'Die Antwoord', and she is said to have a high net worth.

The actress is neither divorced nor does she have any boyfriend in her life. She believes having an affair and dating the person is total waste of time and harm of her career. Therefore, for now she wants to focus her time totally in earning a good salary and making a quality living.

The vocalist was never confronted by rumors of her having a boyfriend, and she has also not been spotted with any person, who can be guessed as her boyfriend, in public places. In her Pictures and posts posted on her pages, she looks like she is enjoying her time with herself along with taking her career by side. 

In her latest picture, she was enjoying a family event along with her close siblings. The star thinks sharing her personal stuff in the media will get her questioned in many of her personal matters and that might ultimately create controversies in her life and as a result affecting her career.

Yolandi is good in cooking and also a party lover. In her social pages, we can see her enjoying her party time mostly in the weekend with her close people. She is also planning to get a new apartment very soon and settle down in there. The famous singer appeared in 'Umshini Wami'  and said getting good feedback from her fans motivated her to run forward in her career as an actress. Her fame heightened when she got involved in SouthAfrican rap-rave group named Die Antwoord. She is also planning to contribute some of her net worth for social work in the future.

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