Women March on Washington; a day after Donald Trump takes his swear

Women March on Washington; a day after Donald Trump takes his swear

Social media has been a big platform to express your approval and disproval over any topic. In fact, it has become a path for the common people to vent out or appreciate an action be it of their government, world issues and now your leader too.

President-elect Donald Trump winning the US Elections 2016 against Hillary Clinton has been an issue of high concern and a lot of criticisms has been coming for the newly elected President because of his views and opinions on different issues like the immigration reforms, Muslim ban and women too.

Trump who has had a bit of different and honest opinions about many things has been in a lot of limelight due to his opinions. However one of the organizers of the march Fontaine Pearson brought into the limelight that the march was not at all a protest against Trump rather it was one for women. They wanted to shed light on various gender issues which included sexual assault, workplace harassment, and discrimination.

According to the Facebook page, the women plan on marching to the Lincoln Hall a day after the President-elect takes his swear. Gathering a huge national attention this march has more than 50k going while more than a million people are interested in taking part in the event.

The event is scheduled to happen on January 21, 2017.