Ty Pennington and dating with his girlfriend Andrea Bock dating.

Ty Pennington and dating with his girlfriend Andrea Bock dating.

With the news regarding the dating of Ty Pennington with his girlfriend, Andrea Bock is hitting the status of the media within the time. Nowdays, there's came a rumor that this popular host is split up with his girlfriend  Andrea.

So there arise a lot of questions regarding the personal life of Ty Pennington for which tons of his fans are wondering to be answered. Don't worry we are here with all the details. Just stay with us.

Is Ty Pennington still dating his girlfriend Andrea Bock or they broke up?

Aged 52, Ty Pennington was caught having a wonderful affair with Andrea Bock. They are also famous among the social networking sites with their pictures together.

During the past few times with the picture published within the Instagram account of Pennington, it seemed that the couple were happy and having a wonderful time together.


Outside the box w @janetteewen #tbt good stuff... great guest to have on the site.

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Additionally being as an artist and carpenter aside of hosting the American television program Ty is himself a great personality with great presentation skills of him.

This couple has also mentioned that it’s been 13 years they are together with their perfect love life. The couple first met and engaged with each other back in 2004.

Ty Pennington with her girlfriend Andrea Bock

Ty Pennington with her girlfriend Andrea Bock

Source: Zimbio

They also mentioned they will be soon celebrating the 2 decades of their time spending together holding their hands and hearts with the perfect and unique love and understanding.

The rumors about the love of their unlimited relationship also across the market hit the stages and questioned their stages time and again.

Andrea Bock and her boyfriend Ty Pennington

Andrea Bock and her boyfriend Ty Pennington

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Similarly, the news of marriage between Pennington and Andrea had caught sensation in various online sites. Thus, their fans were eagerly waiting for the truth in the news and wanted to see them as husband and wife.

But, unfortunately, the news simply turned out to be a vague rumor as Pennington stated in an interview that the couple has no intention of getting married. According to The Hollywood gossip on September 28, 2008, Pennington said,

Not married, but we’re still together. We’re definitely a team.

Andrea was also in support of her boyfriend Ty as she stated that she is having a good time without even getting married to Ty and expresses her desire not to get married. She said,

We don't need to get married. We're having such a good time now.

Because of these statements, people thought that the couple is going to break up soon, but no nothing is going to happen like this.

The people close to Ty Pennington still mentioned that he is close enough with his girlfriend. They also claimed to see this couple together in the public café while they were having a coffee.

Some of the few people all across also claimed that this couple was about to get married. But on other hand, people are also in doubt with the fewer pictures of them seeing together as compared to the previous years where they were together and close to each other.

Ty Pennington with her girlfriend Andrea Bock

Source: Zimbio

This amazing couple is not going to marry and has no intention of conducting a wedding even though they have been in a long-term relationship with each other as partners. They seem to be enjoying dating each other, in another hand, they have also been showing dedication in their career by collaborating together.

Well, wish them all the very best for both of their personal and professional life and hope that they soon gonna be each others' spouse by getting married. For more updates, just stay connected with Frostsnow.