Travis Fimmel isn't married but does he have girlfriend? Who is he dating these days? Is he gay?

Travis Fimmel isn't married but does he have girlfriend? Who is he dating these days? Is he gay?

Travis Fimmel is the dream guy of many ladies worldwide. He is often designated as the most down-to-earth guy. Ladies, we suggest you hold your breath because this 37-year-old Australian actor and former model is currently single. 

image: Travis Fimmel




image: Travis Fimmel with Jessica Miller


Travis does not have a wife because we know that he is not married but his list of ex-girlfriends is quite long. He must have had an uncountable number of lovers in the past which remained hidden from the media. However, in 2002, he dated Merrin Dungey which only lasted for a year. After his break up from Merrin, he dated Jessica Miller. Jessica and Travis had a good chemistry but for some unknown reasons, they also couldn’t last long. Besides them, Travis has also dated Nicole Appleton, Rachel Hunter, and Mei Melançon.




Besides Travis' ex-girlfriend, he has been linked with others girls as well such as Ceara Lynch, Nita Kuzmina, and Joy Bryant, to name a few. However, his relationship with these girls is believed to be rumors because there is no distinct information available regarding this matter.



image: Travis Miller gracing a magazine cover

We all know that Travis is a very versatile and talented actor. He has already blessed the audience with amazing movies and many such movies are yet to release. But, you all should know that he is a very simple-minded person. When Travis was asked about his plans in an interview, he said that he does not want to work in the TV industry for long, but he rather wishes to live on a farm with a girl. 

image: Travis Fimmel endorsing Calvin Klein

He even added that it’s tough to get a girl to come and live with him in the middle of nowhere. Wait, What? Is it really tough for a handsome hunk such as Travis to get a girl? Since he has had so many affairs in the past and he is still longing for a girl, we do not think Travis is gay in any way. We seriously wish Travis finds the one he is looking for really soon.