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Birth Name: Slim Jesus
Date of birth:
Birth Country: United States
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inch
Birth Sign: leo
Age:   2 Years
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Slim Jesus is an American rapper from Hamilton, Ohio. Slim is currently 20 years old. He gained popularity after he released his music video, ‘Drill Time’ in September 2015. The song was a ‘drill rap’ song which was released on August 18, 2015. He is also sometimes referred as ‘Chief Keef’ for his style and lyrics. According to Slim Jesus, some of the music influencers for him were, ‘Lil Herb’ and ‘Lil Bibby’.

Slim Jesus was born in Hamilton, Ohio, on 10th April 1997. His real name is Eastern Philips. He was raised by his mother, Irene Brown, who is an artist specialized in public artworks. Slim used to study in Hamilton, in Ohio City. However, the school got closed after disputes with then-president, Bush. Slim was just 5 when the school shut down. He had many friends who influenced him and taught him to use guns at the very young age.

From a very young age, Slim was into rap. Crafting his rap for years, Slim finally released his first single, Drill Time in 2015

Slim Jesus is also known by many as a doppelganger of Slim Shady, ‘Eminem’. He looks almost like the rap god, and his raps are also almost similar. His song, Drill Time got huge attention because he was white and the majority of drill songs are made by African-Americans. Drill Time was initially released on Soundcloud on July 15, 2015, and later it was released on YouTube with a video. Slim toured to places in U.S and Canada to promote his tracks.

At the age of 18, he was criticized for using deadly weapons like shooting guns, laser sight, and so on in his music videos. However, he later claimed that all those were merely props. In 2016, somewhere around September, slim was rumored to be dead after a gunshot while seated in his car. But soon it was revealed to be a publicity stunt for his upcoming song.

In the same year, he released his second single, Buck Buck. But like rest of his songs, he couldn’t get as much success. Then, in 2016, he unleashed eight tracks project, Gangsta. In the same year, he also released other tracks, Traffic and on the block. Then recently in 2017, he released three more projects, Young Pappy, The Most Hated and 22 Savage. Besides, he has also worked with other musical artists like, ‘Chief Keef’, ‘Lil Mouse’, ‘Kodak Black’, ‘Montana of 300’, ‘Dae Dae’, etc.

The singer who is in his early 20s is very active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube as well as on Snapchat. Since his first single, he has been able to earn a notable amount from his music and concerts. Moreover, he also makes earnings from his online platforms. His net worth is said to be increasing every year, and it reached around $300,000 in 2017. He keeps on posting pictures of guns, money, and whiskey on his Instagram which proves that he’s filthy rich.


Slim Jesus

Slim Jesus facts on timeline

Born in United States

1997 10th of April

Slim Jesus was born on 10th April 1007 in Hamilton, Ohio. He was raised by his only mother, Irene Brown. Irene is an artist specialized in the areas of public artworks.


First Single

2015 18th of August

Slim Jesus made his first song, 'Drill Time' in the year 2015. He first uploaded his song on SoundCloud and later released the song with a music video on YouTube.


His other singles


Slim Jesus unleashed eight tracks project named Gangsta in the year 2016. In the same year, he also released other two singles, 'On the Block' and 'Traffic'. 


Slim's songs


Slim has released more songs in the year 2017 like, 'The Most Hated', 'Young Pappy', '22 Savage', etc. However, he has not been able to gain much success from these songs like he did in his first single. 

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