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Samuel Soba

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Birth Name: Samuel Soba
Birth Country: United States
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inch
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The name Samuel Soba is not very popular among the media.As far as his identity goes people knows him as a husband of famous entertainer,singer and song writer Keri Hilson. Samuel Soba was born on December, 1982. He is an american and belongs to Black American community. Though he is not a very popular name it is believed that he must be involved in singing and songwriting and he must be quite good.

Looking at the pictures it is obvious that Samuel Soba physical appearance is impressive. Samuel Soba and Keri Hilson must have met on 90's and then started dating eachother. After dating for sometime as a boyfriend of Keri Hilson they ended up getting married with one another. The couple got married on 17th of march, 2002.Rumor has it that his wife Keri have had some affairs, one of the famous rumour was keri's affair with Ocklahoma City Thunder Centre's Serge Ibaka.So there is no any cofirmation about the couple still are in relation or divorced. They have a son named Jayden but it is not sure that Samuel is his biological father some also says that Jayden is the second son of Keri Hilson.


Samuel Soba

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1982 of December

Samuel Soba, husband of Keri Hilson a famous R&B and pop singer, entertainer and songwriter was born on December, 1982. He was born and raised in his hometown Cuyahoga, Ohio. Samuel belongs to black ethnicity. 



2002 17th of December

The couple Samuel and Keri started seeing each other in the 90's.After having an affair for some time they got married on 17th of March 2002.It is rumored that their marriage was not a success as Keri was involved in several affairs.

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